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Bulk update board users and roles

POST /io/board/access

Bulk update board users and roles.

Warning: this endpoint can be destructive to user assignments and user subscriptions. If you reduce a user's role to boardReader or none, they will be unassigned from cards on the targeted boards. If you reduce a user's role to none they will be both unassigned and lose any of their subscriptions to changes on cards, lanes, and boards.

Note: You can POST to /io/board/access/validate to test without making changes.

Example Requests

Update by email address

    "boardIds": [
    "emails": [
    "boardRole": "boardReader"

Update by userId

    "boardIds": [
    "userIds": [
    "boardRole": "boardUser"

Example Response

204 No Content

Notable Error Responses

Status Code Error Message Reason
422 Unprocessable Entity varies You will receive this error if the input is in the wrong format, the ids or emails are not valid, or if you exceed 500 operations for this request. Operations are calculated as board ids ?? users (either userIds or emails ). 20 users assigned to 20 boards would be considered 400 operations.

Updated 2020-01-22 @ 12:01 PM