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User Provisioning API: Update A User (PATCH)

Update a User

PATCH /Users/:id

Updates a user with the provided values. Values that are not included in the request are not modified.


  • id - the id of the user

Example request body:

    "externalId": "ABC123",
    "userName": "",
    "name": {
        "familyName": "Demo",
        "givenName": "User"
    "timezone": "America/Chicago",
    "active": true,
    "urn:scim:schemas:extension:leankit:user:1.0": {
        "licenseType": "full",
        "administrator": false,
        "boardCreator": false,
        "dateFormat": "yyyy/mm/dd"

Deactivating a User

Example request body:

    "active": false


  • 200 OK with the updated user data as the body
  • 404 Not Found
  • 409 Conflict if the username is already in use by another user