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Create a new board

POST /io/board

Create a new board.

Requires at least Board Creator account role.

Request Properties

Param Type Usage Default
title* string The title of the new board.
description string Description is included on the board toolbar below the title.
isShared boolean Set to true to share the board with other users by default** false
sharedBoardRole enumeration Specify the default board role users will have when shared. One of:
templateId string Enter a template id to base the board on a template
includeCards boolean Specify true to make copies of the cards from the source board or template false
includeExistingUsers boolean Specify true to use the same users as the source board false
baseWipOnCardSize boolean Specify true to factor in card size when calculating work in progress false
excludeCompletedAndArchiveViolations boolean Specify true to exclude completed and archive lanes from WIP calculations false

* Required
** Not recommended for large organizations. Consider copying from another board or template with the correct users for your team.

Example Requests

Default usage

    "title": "My new board"

Creating from a template

    "title": "Hey I made a board with cards from a template",
    "templateId": "10113986377",
    "includeCards": true

From a board with cards, users and other options

    "title": "Hey I copied this board from another one",
    "description": "This should have cards, custom fields and users from the source board and should exclude wip limits and use card size. Custom field values for all source cards will be copied too!",
    "fromBoardId": "10113285944",
    "includeCards": true,
    "includeExistingUsers": true,
    "excludeCompletedAndArchiveViolations": true,
    "baseWipOnCardSize": true

Example Successful Response

200 Success

    "id": "10116186847"

Updated 2021-08-18 @ 11:08 AM