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Planview Customer Success Center

June 2023 Release Notes

June 23, 2023

Card Automation

  • Card Automations can now be filtered by assigned users. The mode allows for matching cards that contain any, all, or none of the selected users.

June 16, 2023

Card Automation

  • The Card Updated event now allows users to list specific fields that should trigger the event for an automation, or the user can choose all fields. Here is a list of fields that the user can choose from:
    • Tag updated
    • Assigned User updated
    • Size updated
    • Card Type updated
    • Planning Increments updated
    • Planned Start or Finish updated
    • Header updated
    • Priority updated
    • Custom Icon updated
    • Title updated
    • Description updated
    • External Link updated
    • Comments updated
    • Attachments updated
    • Card Score updated
  • The Update Card automation action can now be used to update the Planned Start date of a card to the earliest start date of any planning increments associated with the card and can update the Planned Finish date to the latest end date of any planning increments associated with the card.
  • The Update Card automation action now allows new options for assigning and unassigning users from a card. Along with the existing ability to list a set of users, now an automation can assign all of the users assigned to child cards of the card triggering the automation. Additionally, there is an option to unassign all users of the card along with the existing ability to unassign a specific list of users. These options can work together where an automation unassigns all of the current users and then assigns one or more new users to the card.

June 2, 2023

Card Automation

  • A "class of service" (custom icon) has been added as a filter option for the Card Automation functionality.
  • Tags filter mode now has three options: match any tag, match all tags, and match no tags.