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Q&A from Prioritizing with Card Scoring - August 18th, 2022

Question Answer
Can you explain how the calculation actually works in the background when we select a method like Value vs cost? Scores are calculated using a standard weighted average formula. 
Can scoring be customized in the templates? Scoring criteria weights can be customized in templates: 
Can you change the names of Continue to research... Lean into... etc. for your team's preferences? It's not possible to change the "Results" chart titles. 
Is there a cost to the AgilePlace University Training? Pricing for the Public Training class is $1,000 per person. Classes are delivered in Austin and London. 

Private on-site or virtual training is also available. Please contact Planview Training Requests for a quote.

Does a Custom Card Scoring Template save on a AgilePlace Template, when you create a Board Template? No, custom scoring templates are not included in board templates.