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Use Connections for Repeatable Processes

You can create a template card with the connections you need to duplicate inside as tasks. Then, once you duplicate the card, you can easily move those tasks outside of the card and connect them to the card they were originally in.

We recommend clearly marking your template card as such in the card title or header and housing it somewhere easily found in your backlog so that it will not affect analytics. Some users find it useful to create a template card lane in the backlog specifically for these cards -- especially when they have more than one type of repeatable work item.







Whenever you need to recreate a work item with the same kind of connections, simply duplicate your template card and edit the card details as needed. From there, transition the tasks inside the card to connections.

You can do this any time you have a work item with repeatable steps that need to be represented by connected cards, saving you valuable time recreating steps in your workflow.