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AgilePlace Integrations, Powered by Tasktop

What are AgilePlace Integrations, Powered by Tasktop?

AgilePlace Integrations enables you to connect AgilePlace with a broad range of enterprise applications and tools. Powered by Tasktop, our integrations provide fully-automated, real-time synchronization between systems. This enables you to:

  • Create, maintain and monitor integrations in an easy-to-use administrative console;
  • Map artifacts, work item details and workflow statuses with full flexibility;
  • Keep information flowing in real-time with bi-directional and one-way sync.

Our hub-based integration approach provides central management and administration for all of your AgilePlace integrations. This makes it easier to connect your existing applications with AgilePlace in a single location and replaces the need for point-to-point API integrations.

What capabilities does AgilePlace Integrations provide?

AgilePlace Integrations leverages the full power of Tasktop Sync, providing enterprise grade integration capabilities.

  • Support for critical artifact types, including tasks, work items, defects, requirements, tests and help desk tickets.
  • Browser-based analytics and dashboards for management and monitoring
  • Tasktop’s test lab runs hundreds of thousands of tests nightly.
  • Provides real-time synchronization with less than 1s response time.
  • Integrates on-premise, on-demand and hybrid infrastructures.
  • Provides advanced conflict resolution – handles simultaneous updates and conflicts resulting from differences in workflow rules among endpoint systems.
  • Operates even when endpoints are disconnected or offline.
  • Integration templates facilitate large-scale deployments.
  • No new repositories needed; all data stored in your existing ALM systems
  • Highly scalable. Performance is not gated by the number of artifacts synced.
  • Support for Groovy scripting provides extension for complex logic, transformations and branching.
  • System data integrity is assured: Tasktop Sync uses vendor- approved APIs.

How do AgilePlace Integrations work?

AgilePlace Integrations, powered by Tasktop, is installed and runs on your server. Each system that you want to integrate AgilePlace with requires a “connector.” Through a graphical user interface, fields can be “mapped” between a AgilePlace board and other tools you use. AgilePlace and your other tool are automatically kept in sync.

For example, moving the AgilePlace card associated with a task will automatically update the status of the same task represented in Jira, etc...

Which editions can use AgilePlace Integrations?

One integration connector is included with Scaled Teams and Enterprise Edition accounts. For additional services, contact your sales representative.  

What systems can I connect to my AgilePlace board using AgilePlace Integrations?

AgilePlace Integrations can connect with:


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What is an “artifact”?

Artifacts in the connected systems can be Epics, Stories, Tasks, Defects, Issues; in AgilePlace, cards are the artifacts.

Which AgilePlace fields can be mapped to other systems?

The AgilePlace attributes which can be mapped with Integrations are:

  • Lanes (Map to status in other systems)
  • Card Title
  • Card Description
  • Card Type (Use card types for different artifacts in other systems [Ex Epics, Stories, Tasks])
  • Priority
  • Owner
  • Size
  • Card ID
  • Comments (Possible even if sender is not a user in the target system)
  • Planned Start/Finish Dates
  • Tags
  • Links (Can use this to link to the original artifact in the other system)
  • Attachments (There may be limitations in some systems due to file size)
  • Custom Fields

Can the integrations sync only one-way, or can they sync in both directions?

Syncing artifacts can be either one directional or bi-directional between connected applications.

What does the deployment service include?

Our deployment services are designed to ensure that your integrations are effectively planned and implemented right from the start, ensuring a faster and more effective rollout.

You’ll receive up to four hours with an assigned Deployment Specialist who will provide integration planning and consulting support. Your Deployment Specialist will work closely with you to ensure you're equipped to manage your integration once it goes live. In addition, you’ll receive instructor-led training with Tasktop to help you learn the fundamentals to grow and maintain your implementation.

Technical Deployment assistance includes:

  • Single Board-to-project mapping
  • 1 artifact type (cards)
  • Up to 10 attributes (fields)
  • Person Mapping if needed (users)
  • Deployment Template
  • Best Practices

How can I learn more?

Contact AgilePlace Sales by email at