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List your open invitations to new users

GET /io/invitation

List your open invitations to new users.

Query Params

Param Type Usage Default
offset integer Set the "start row" number of the first item to be returned. 0
limit integer Set the number of items to be returned. 25
status enumeration Possible values

Example Request

curl -X GET \ \
  -H 'Authorization: Basic base64encodedauthhere='

Example Response

    "pageMeta": {
        "totalRecords": 1,
        "offset": 0,
        "limit": 25,
        "startRow": 1,
        "endRow": 1
    "invitations": [
            "id": "10113992540",
            "emailAddress": "",
            "emailSendStatus": "success",
            "emailDateSent": "2020-01-14T23:28:11.000Z",
            "creationDate": "2020-01-14T23:28:10.000Z",
            "acceptDate": null,
            "isExpired": false,
            "isRevoked": false,
            "invitingUser": {
                "id": "25019",
                "firstName": "Jim",
                "lastName": "Martinsen",
                "fullName": "Jim Martinsen",
                "enabled": true,
                "isDeleted": false,
                "emailAddress": ""
            "invitedUser": null

Updated 2020-01-24 @ 16:01 PM