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Q&A from The Power of Board Filters - Feb 24th, 2022

Question Answer

Can you bookmark filter settings so you can jump quickly to preferred view(s)?


No, bookmarking a board while filtered will not retain the filtered view. Recommendation is to use Saved Filters to quickly jump to preferred views. 
Is there a possibility to AND or OR conditions in text filters e.g in Title & Header, Descriptions ? Answered live. 
Once you run a filter, can you report/print to send to a team for results? Filtering a board then downloading a snapshot of the board will retain the filtered view. 
Can you show again how you did Stale cards, or cards with finish date of x. Where are those in the filters menu? Answered live.
Can you share saved filters with only select people on the Team? It is not possible to share a filter only with select people on a board; however, it is possible to send a shared filter to specific people. Visit this link for more information: 
Is there a way to easily duplicate an existing board layout vs recreating from a template? Answered live
Can I create a filter at the Program Board level that can be used on both the Program and Team Boards? Answered live