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Lanes Explained

Each lane on the board is classified with a Lane Class. Additionally, on in-progress or backlog lanes, you'll be able to set the lane as a Default Drop Lane.

Lane Classes




AgilePlace lanes belong to one of three lane classes by default: "Not Started," "Started" or "Finished," corresponding to the general status of the cards in those lanes. The lane class is used in reports for calculating cards that are “Not Started,” “Started,” and “Finished.”

  • Not Started: The first overall lane, and all lanes contained within it.
  • Started: All lanes between the first and last overall lanes.
  • Finished: The last overall lane, and all lanes contained within it.



You cannot change or edit a lane’s class.


Default Drop Lane

The Default Drop Lane is a single, dedicated lane on a board where new cards are placed when they are created, unless otherwise specified. For example, when a card is created via email it will automatically appear in the board's Default Drop Lane. 

The Default Drop Lane is configured by administrators or managers via the lane context menu (right-click) or via the lane settings menu in the Board Layout Editor. 







The Default Drop Lane is indicated by the small square icon with the arrow in the lane header.