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Planview Customer Success Center

View Card History and Health

The History and Health tab in the card dialog window provides answers to card-related questions such as:

  • When is this card expected to finish?
  • How likely are we to meet our deadline?
  • Which lanes did this card spend time in, and has rework occurred?


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Chance of On-Time Completion

The Chance of on-time completion bar chart displays the chances that this card will finish before (or by) its planned finish date, based on the historical data of that Card Type. In addition to Card Type, other determining factors include: the Lane the card is in, the Size of the card, and how many days are left until the card is scheduled to be finished. Results are color-coded according to the following percentages:

  • Red: 0% - 49% 
  • Yellow: 50% - 79%
  • Green: 80% - 100%

Days to Projected Finish

The Projected finish section displays a projected finish date for the card, and the number of days that remain until that date.

Projected finish is recalculated any time a card moves into another lane. Note that there must be enough historical data from the new lane to make an accurate prediction.

Time Chart


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The Time Chart displays the amount of time a card has spent in each non-completed lane. You can hover over a bar in the time chart to view more details about a card's history.

  • Blue bars represent initial time spent in that lane.
  • Orange bars represent any additional rework/revisit time spent in that lane.
  • Red bars represent the amount of time the card was marked as blocked.

Activity Stream


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Additional information about the history of a card can be found within the Activity Stream. The history of a card is recorded automatically. Very difficult to achieve with tactile boards, now it's easy to find out information such as:

  • Who created the card
  • Who moved the card
  • Where the card was moved to/from
  • When the card was moved
  • Who assigned the card, to whom it was assigned, and when
  • Who changed the card details (e.g., description, tags, etc.)