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Q&A from Best Practices for Building a Board - January 20th, 2022

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Is it easy to reposition lanes between not started - started - done?  We have backlog in started for instance (inherited from long ago and never moved).  Surely it impacts reporting purposes.  Answered live
Is there any way to create a template for cards? For example we created a lane named 'Templates' and use this lane to duplicate cards for our most commonly used stories or other types of cards. We created templates for the type of information that we want to capture in each card and this allows us to save some time when creating new cards. Answered live
Where can I access this recording? Hi! We will send it out over email to everyone that registered. Expect it in your inbox early/mid next week. Thanks for joining!
Can you talk a little more about instant coffee? Instant Coffee webinar:
How can you alert individuals that are assigned that they need to move on their tasks? Answered live
One thing I miss is that when I have more than one designated person it will be good to identify the main person responsible. Is it possible?" Answered live
Is it possible to monitor pending tasks withing a Lane? Answered live
For tracking items with vendors is there a way to assign an invididual/org outside of your company for visibility? Answered live
Any recommendations for those customers that use both AgilePlace and JIRA
Not very clear on how we can effectively use lanes. You have advised us to avoid both names and task types.  Answered live
Are there key tips to reduce complexity for big boards that are difficult to overview? Answered live
Can links be added in the graytool bar? Links can't be added to the gray toolbar but can be added to the board's description
How can we work best across different boards?
Can you show how to use the instant coffee to create a workflow process? Answered live
Can you show how to use the instant coffe to create a workflow process? Answered live
How do you start a new board? Answered live
If you are revamping/reworking your board - is there a way to "restart" the cards tracking for accurate reporting based on the restructure or new approach of your board? It is not possible to restart a card's metrics
Can you create max based on size of cards, rather than amount of cards in a certain lane? Yes, you can base WIP limits on card size rather than count:
Can you link a card in one AgilePlace board to another board. Example you have a FY22 board but have another board to deep dive into a certain area. Can you link them together without having to switch to the other board? You can mirror a card to another board:
What was the 4th M? monitor, measure, modify and ?? Monitor, Manage, Measure, Modify
Do you have a best practice about when to use task cards vs parent cards and child cards?
What is the reccommended hierarchy of cards to maintain in AgilePlace (Note : We use AgilePlace for Scrum Product Teams) If your organization follows SAFe:
Otherwise, we recommend having at least a Portfolio or Program board for high-level objectives or epics and a team-level board for the delivery of those objectives or epics
I would like to learn more about working across different boards and tying them all together.  If you can guide me in where to look that would be great!