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Planned Finish Date Filter Automation

This example sets up a notification for cards nearing their Planned Finish date and sends a notification to a Teams channel that we configured in the last use case. The best option for a date filter would be to run it on a schedule, and to have every day within that schedule, so that it's continuously looking for these cards.

To create a Planned Finish Date Filter Automation:

  1. From a board's Action Menu Kebab.png click Card Automation.
  2. On the Card Automation Dialog, Click +Add Card Automation.
  3. Add a Description.
  4. Select an Event Type from the dropdown. For this example, we're selecting Scheduled Time, choosing the time of day we want this automation to run and choosing the day(s) of the week. For this example, we're choosing Monday-Friday since we want this automation to run every every day of the week. 
  5. Choose Filter Criteria:

a. For Date, click Planned Finish Date and is less than this number of days from now. Type in the number of days. This creates the trigger that initiates any time a card with a planned finish date is less than five days from the now (now = when the automation runs). 


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b. For Action Type, we'll be posting to Microsoft Teams and adding the Webhook URL as in the last example.




c. Click the Save button.

6. The Teams channel will receive a notification every time the Card Automation successfully runs i.e. the filter criteria is met.

Update posted to Teams with arrow.png