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Update a lane

PATCH /io/board/:boardId/lane/:laneId

Update a lane.

Requires authentication with at least board manager role on the board specified.

Request Properties

Param Type Usage Default
title string Set the lane title on the board
type not supported. This property is no longer used and may be removed
description string Set the "lane policy" which is viewable when clicking the "i" on a lane. Expects html.
wipLimit integer Set the work in progress (WIP) limit. Appears in the top right of the lane title
isDefaultDropLane boolean Set to 'true' to use this lane as the default drop lane when adding cards. There can be only one default drop lane.
isConnectionDoneLane boolean Deprecated in favor of cardStatus: finished
cardStatus string notStarted, started, or finished

For the body, you need only include the properties that you wish to edit. Properties not specified will not be changed.

Example Requests

Setting a lane as a 'done' lane

    "cardStatus": "finished"

Updating the lane's title and description

    "title": "new lane title",
    "description": "the new lane policy"

Example Successful Response

200 Success

    "id": "10105826895",
    "boardId": "10100193219",
    "title": "Under Review",
    "type": "inProcess",
    "cardStatus": "started",
    "description": "<p>How to use this lane</p>",
    "wipLimit": 5,
    "isDefaultDropLane": false,
    "isConnectionDoneLane": false,
    "sortBy": "priority"

Updated 2021-12-20 @ 12:12 PM