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Basic Board Administration

Updating Board Settings

To update a board’s title and description, click the in the top bar and select Board Settings


Click to expand or shrink





The board description provides information about the board on the Home screen.

Additional Options 

Base WIP Limits on Card Size: Select this option to limit work in progress for lanes or users based on the size of the card(s), rather than the number of cards.




Exclude Completed Lanes and Archive from User WIP/date warnings: Select this option to prevent completed and archived cards from being included in a user's work-in-progress activity, resulting in work-in-progress limit violations, or from being considered in violation of the card due date.




Set default user security to: Select this option and a user role from the dropdown beside it to set the default role for new users added to this board. 






Users can be assigned the following roles:

  • Reader - may view information on the board and create cards via email and Quick Create, but they may not update or modify any of the information and may not edit or move cards. Readers are able to subscribe to board, lane and card events.
  • User - may view the board, create, edit, and move cards, but they may not perform management or administrative operations on the board, such as changing the board layout or WIP limits.
  • Manager - in addition to the rights of a board “User”, managers may perform management operations such as changing the board layout and WIP Limits.
  • Administrator - has permissions to perform all activities associated to the board. This includes board configuration editing, user administration for the board, as well as typical user activities.

To learn more about user board roles, check out this article.


Allow users to delete cards: Select this option to allow users to delete cards on this board.