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Card Automation

Card Automation allows you to streamline routine tasks to help your teams stay agile and efficient. With Card Automation, you will be able to free up your teams to focus on the high value tasks and decisions rather than spending time on manual, repetitive tasks and actions. 

For a Card Automation to work, you need a trigger that activates the automation and an action that is performed automatically. The Card Automation capability gives Board Administrators and Board Managers the ability to automatically copy or move one or multiple cards through your workflow, create cards on a scheduled cadence, post notifications to Microsoft Teams and Slack channels, and much, much more!





Card Automations apply to existing and newly created cards on boards. Once a Card Automation is created on a board, if a card that was created before the Card Automation or a card created after the Card Automation matches the configured criteria, then the Card Automation will be triggered. 




This section describes all the events and actions that are available for this feature and gives you an overview of the Card Automation Panel. Board Administrators or Board Managers can access Card Automation by navigating to a board's Action Menu Kebab.png and clicking Card Automation.

Dropdown choice from Action menu.png

This brings up the Card Automation Dialog, which shows you any/all current Card Automations that have already been configured for this specific board. Card Automations are per board.


The dialog will list the Type of Automation (i.e., Move Card), Description, Last Status (was it successful or did it fail?), and Last Run Time. You can also Edit a Card Automation by clicking the pencil icon or Delete a Card Automation by clicking the "x" .

To create a new Card Automation:

  1. From a board's Action Menu Kebab.png click Card Automation.
  2. On the Card Automation Dialog, Click +Add Card Automation.
  3. Add a Description.
  4. Select an Event Type from the dropdown. These are currently supported event types in terms of the triggers that would initiate these automations. This is a multi-select, in the event you wish your automation to pay attention to multiple event types. We will continue to add to this list.
  5. Choose Filter Criteria:

a. Use the Lane Selector/Filter to only pay attention to certain lanes for those event types you’ve chosen. For example, if you wanted to create an automation for the Card Created Event Type, and you wanted to choose the Currently Working On lane, this card automation would only be triggered if a card was created within the Currently Working On lane. By default, if no lanes are selected, all lanes are included.


Simpler Example.png


b. Choose Card Types you wish the automation to pay attention to.

c. Choose Card Priorities you wish the automation to pay attention to.

d. Enter any Tags on your board that you wish the automation to pay attention to.

e. Select from Date Filter dropdown. (For all these filters, if no choices are selected, the card automation will look for at all cards on your board.)

6. Action Type – when this Event is triggered, this is what you want this card automation to do:

a. Web service call – for any general third party tool that supports web service calls (web hooks).

b. Post to Slack - the ability to post to a Slack channel.

c. Post to Microsoft Teams - the ability to post to a Teams channel.

d. Copy Card – This allows you to choose the Destination Board where you want the card copied to, and you can choose the Lane as well. Under the Create Connection Options dropdown, which comes up when you select Copy Card, choose whether to copy card as a standalone card, or create it as a child card of the card you’re copying, or to create it as a parent card of the card you’re copying.

e. Move Card - the ability to move a card.

f. Trigger GitHub Action - initiate an action through Git.

The Copy card and Move card automations let you work across boards, so you can configure these to send to different boards than the one you're setting up the automation on. Card Automation does track events on other boards. (The Update card action will also be supported soon.)

  1. Once a Card Automation has been set up, you can click on the Latest Runs tab, which will show all the times your automation has been triggered.


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