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Release (All Levels) Portfolios Monthly Releases Learn about the latest roadmap, updates and enhancements for Planview Portfolios.
Release (All Levels) Introducing Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) in Planview Portfolio Handle and affect change dynamically with OKRs in Planview Portfolios. Recorded October 2022
Beginner (All Levels) Joining the dots between Project Planning and Delivery: Portfolios + Connected AgilePlace

Learn the benefits of using Portfolios + connected AgilePlace and how using Portfolios + connected AgilePlace supports process driven work and strategic alignment. Recorded July 2023

Beginner (All Levels) Joining the dots between Project Planning and Delivery: Portfolios + Connected ProjectPlace Learn how Portfolios + Connected ProjectPlace can simplify traditional portfolio practices, whilst at the same time providing visibility and management options to support delivery efficiencies. Recorded May 2023
Intermediate (Level 2) Using PowerBi in Planview Portfolios Introduction to PowerBI workflows in Portfolios and showcase of the new reporting features. Recorded January 2022  
Intermediate (Level 2) Portfolios and Connected ProjectPlace - the Best of Both Worlds With Portfolios and connected ProjectPlace, your portfolio managers, project managers, and project team members can work in a tool that is purpose-built for their needs and ways of working.  Recorded March 2021
Intermediate (Level 2) Portfolios & Connected AgilePlace: Supporting Agile Project Delivery in a Hybrid World Learn how the connection between Portfolios and AgilePlace provides agile team the flexibility they need to plan and deliver their work while still allowing PMO’s visibility into work status and the ability to report at the portfolio level.  Recorded April 2021
Release (All Levels) Expanding Work and Resource Management with Innovation Management Learn about how IdeaPlace can enhance your Work and Resource Management vision. Recorded January 2019




Release (All Levels) PPM Pro Monthly Releases and Roadmaps Learn about the latest updates and enhancements for PPM Pro.
Beginner (Level 1) Requests End-to-End Demo Learn about the request capabilities, actions, notification and administration. Recorded December 2019
Beginner (Level 1) Agile Management with PPM Pro and LeanKit Learn about how Planview has used PPM Pro and AgilePlace together to streamline development. Recorded March 2019




Beginner (Level 1) Planview IdeaPlace 2022 Roadmap Webinar Advancing data driven innovation with TeamTap & NextGen capabilities.
Beginner (Level 1) Access and User Import Learn about access settings, adding and managing users, and user attributes.
Beginner (Level 1) Building a Challenge Pipeline Learn about what defines a challenge pipeline, what makes a good pipeline, and generating and managing challenge demand. Recorded September 2018
Beginner (Level 1) Configuring Challenge Phases and Stages Learn about the difference between Phases and Stages and their configuration. Recorded April 2018
Beginner (Level 1) Challenge Question, Communications, and Incentives Learn about uncovering the intent of a challenge, articulating the question, as well as planning for communications and incentives.
Beginner (Level 1) Challenge Templates and Use Cases Learn about the pre-loaded challenge templates, how to use them. Recorded June 2018
Intermediate (Level 2) API Use Cases and Endpoints Learn about the Application Programming Interface (API), how it works, and how to build one. Recorded August 2018
Intermediate (Level 2) Challenge Moderation Learn about basic challenge concepts, moderation best practices, and example scenarios you may encounter as a Moderator. Recorded August 2018
Intermediate (Level 2) Expert Review Learn about basic challenge concepts, how to perform an expert review. Recorded August 2018
Intermediate (Level 2) Site Editor Learn about using IdeaPlace for configuring site pages and the widgets upon them. Recorded July 2018
Intermediate (Level 2) User Management and Access Settings Learn about access settings, adding and managing users and how to manage roles. Recorded July 2018
Advanced (Level 3) Public Access Settings Learn about external challenges, how to configure an instance and customize the registration page, as well as review common considerations and recommendations. Recorded September 2018
Advanced (Level 3) User Attributes Learn about how user attributes are passed into IdeaPlace software, and how to use attributes to further your program. Recorded October 2018




Release (All Levels) AgilePlace Monthly Releases Learn about the latest updates and enhancements for LeanKit.
Beginner (Level 1) AgilePlace Fundamentals Lean about the basic concepts and how to get started visualizing work. Recorded January 2021  
Beginner (Level 1) Powering Team Collaboration with LeanKit Learn how AgilePlace empowers teams to provide just-in-time information to power seamless, effective collaboration! Recorded  August 2021
Beginner (Level 1) Team Visibility with LeanKit  Learn how to use AgilePlace to improve work visibility across teams. Recorded July 2021
Beginner (Level 1) Caffeinate your collaboration with Instant Coffee! Learn how AgilePlace Instant Coffee can boost your team’s stand-ups, brainstorming sessions, planning events, and retrospectives. Recorded July 2021  
Beginner (Level 1) Best practices for building or rebuilding a AgilePlace Board Learn about the best practices for creating a visual model of your work and workflow. Recorded January 2022
Beginner (Level 1) Tasks vs. Connected Cards: Best Practices Learn the difference between Tasks and Card Connections, and when to use one vs. the other. Recorded March 2022
Beginner (Level 1) The Power of Board Filters Learn about using filters to find your work and highlight certain pieces of work in LeanKit.  Recorded February 2022
Beginner (Level 1) Common Mistakes to Avoid When Using LeanKit Learn about how to avoid the most common mistakes and pitfalls when using LeanKit. Recorded May 2020
Beginner (Level 1) AgilePlace Reporting 101 Learn how to measure improvements, understand inefficiencies and identify bottlenecks. Recorded April 2022
Intermediate (Level 2) Set Direction for Success with Roadmapping for Teams in AgilePlace  Learn how to best utilize Roadmapping for Teams in AgilePlace. Recorded August 2023
Intermediate (Level 2) OKRs & Roadmaps: How They Should Coexist in an Outcome-driven Enterprise Learn how Planview’s interactive roadmaps for teams and can be used with OKRs to build a successful outcome-driven plan. Recorded April 2023
Intermediate (Level 2) Saving hours  with Card Automation in AgilePlace Learn how Card Automation in AgilePlace can help you and your teams save time by streamlining routine tasks. Recorded May 2023
Intermediate (Level 2) Prioritizing with Card Scoring Learn how Card scoring in AgilePlace helps you prioritize work by providing the ability to visually and relatively score/rank/evaluate cards using a board-defined set of criteria.  Recorded August 2022            
Intermediate (Level 2) Best practices for using OKRs in AgilePlace Learn best practices related to OKRs in AgilePlace (formerly LeanKit), so that you can turn big-picture goals into real, actionable plans at every level of your organization. Recorded September 2022
Intermediate (Level 2) Centralized User Management with Planview Admin  Learn about Planview's new centralized user management capabilities. Recorded July 2022
Intermediate (Level 2) Simplifying PI Planning with LeanKit Learn how to simplify Program Increment (PI) Planning, also referred to as Big Room Planning or Quarterly Planning, by using LeanKit. Recorded June 2022
Intermediate (Level 2) Strategy Realization through OKRs and Connected Work Learn how to overcome organizational obstacles and enable strategy realization. Recorded May 2022
Intermediate (Level 2) Visualizing AgilePlace Data with Power BI Learn how to interact with and visualize your AgilePlace data using Power BI. Recorded November 2021
Intermediate (Level 2) Improve Time-to-Delivery with LeanKit Learn how AgilePlace empowers teams to not only improve their time-to-delivery but also ensure that they’re delivering the work that truly matters! Recorded September 2021
Intermediate (Level 2) Customer webinar: To efficiency and Beyond! The Expleo Kanban journey Learn about how Expleo used Planview’s AgilePlace Kanban solution for high volume factory drawing increasing efficiency by 35%. Recorded May 2021
Intermediate (Level 2) Introducing Objectives and Key Results (OKRs)  Learn about what OKRs are, why you should use them, and how you can leverage them today to define clear and measurable objectives to drive focus across your teams. Recorded June 2021                                   
Intermediate (Level 2) Understanding the Health of Your Board Learn about how to use the Board health tab. Recorded June 2020
Intermediate (Level 2) Understanding AgilePlace Analytics: The Assigned Users Report Learn about the Assigned Users Report which allows you to evaluate assigned user information quickly to help determine if work is effectively allocated. Recorded September 2019
Intermediate (Level 2) Understanding AgilePlace Analytics: The Distribution Report Learn about the Distribution Report which provide a quick overview of how work items are distributed within the system and how much of your capacity is dedicated to different types of work. Recorded October 2019
Intermediate (Level 2) Understanding AgilePlace Analytics: The Exceptions Report Learn about the Exceptions Report which helps team leaders know when to intervene to keep their team’s work on track, and helps teams better identify problems and make room for improvement. Recorded October 2019
Intermediate (Level 2) Understanding AgilePlace Analytics: The Speed Report Learn about the Speed Report which shows the average amount of time that a card takes to be processed from start to finish.Recorded  November 2019
Intermediate (Level 2) Understanding AgilePlace Analytics: The Flow Report Learn about the Flow Report which allows you can see how smoothly the work is flowing through your process. Recorded December 2019
Intermediate (Level 2) Understanding AgilePlace Analytics: The Efficiency Report   Learn about the Efficiency Report which helps you to determine the amount of your in-process work that is active or inactive over a specific period of time. Recorded January 2020
Intermediate (Level 2) Understanding AgilePlace Analytics: The Burndown Report Learn about the Burndown Report which helps teams to complete work in a specific period of time by visualizing their progress, to understand if work is being completed fast enough to meet the delivery commitment, and to understand past performance. Recorded February 2020
Intermediate (Level 2) Understanding AgilePlace Analytics: Card Health Learn about the Card Health tab which provides answers to card-related questions such as expected finish date, how likely are you to meet your deadline, which lanes did this card spend time in, and has rework occurred? Recorded February 2020
Intermediate (Level 2) Integrated Use Cases with AgilePlace and Jira Learn about how AgilePlace integrates with Jira. You can use Excel uploads, Zapier, Tasktop our custom API Integrations. Recorded August 2020




Release (All Levels) ProjectPlace Releases Learn about the latest updates and enhancements for ProjectPlace.
Foundational (Level 0) ProjectPlace Fundamentals New to ProjectPlace? Or just want a quick refresher of the basic concepts? Watch this webinar on-demand.  Recorded Feb 2021
Foundational (Level 0) This is ProjectPlace Learn about ProjectPlace with an introductory walkthrough of capabilities and how they tie together. Recorded May 2020
Beginner (Level 1) How to Set Access Rights for Workspace Members in ProjectPlace Learn how to manage member access by determining the tools each workspace member can use and the type of content each workspace member has access to. Recorded April 2023
Beginner (Level 1) Track Your Members' Workload in ProjectPlace

Learn how you can use the Workload tool in ProjectPlace to get an overview of your members' workload at the workspace, team or department level. This is a great way to visually see when members are overloaded or may have capacity for additional work. Recorded February 2023

Beginner (Level 1)

Brainstorming with Whiteboards

Learn how Brainstorming with Whiteboards in ProjectPlace is a joy to work with, allows you to unleash your creativity, and then convert into actionable items in this 13-minute Thursday webinar. Recorded October 2022
Intermediate (Level 2) Track progress with ProjectPlace reporting and Power BI Learn how to take advantage of the various reporting capabilities in ProjectPlace, and how to use Power BI to further enhance your reporting. Recorded December 2021
Intermediate (Level 2) Empower your team with templates Learn to take advantage of the various different templates available in ProjectPlace. Templates will not only save you time, but also help drive consistency throughout your business. Recorded October 2021
Intermediate (Level 2) Maximize Value with ProjectPlace and Microsoft 365  Learn how you can take advantage of the built-in integrations ProjectPlace offers with various Microsoft 365 apps to bring all your work together. Recorded January 2021
Intermediate (Level 2) How to Plan in ProjectPlace Learn about creating activities, milestones ,and connecting board and cards back to the plan. Understand why you would select a roadmap instead of a plan. Review different use cases. Recorded April 2020
Intermediate (Level 2) How to work with Kanban boards in ProjectPlace Learn about Kanban principles, how to create and customize boards and cards, how to sort and filter and how to connect boards to activities in the Plan tool, and much more. Recorded December 2020
Intermediate (Level 2) How to manage documents in ProjectPlace Get a deep-dive into functionalities and best-practices related to the Documents tool.




Release (All Levels) 2022 Release Webinar - Q1  
Release (All Levels) 2021 Product Roadmap Webinar  
Tips & Tricks (All Levels)

Maximizing Value from ChangePoint: Project Worksheet

Maximizing Value from ChangePoint: System Administration

A new webinar series that focuses on helping you increase the value you are receiving from ChangePoint by spotlighting different key features each month.
Tips & Tricks (All Levels) Maximizing Value from ChangePoint: iForms  




Release (All Levels) 2021 Fall Product Release Webinar  
Release (All Levels 2021 Summer Product Release Webinar  
Tips & Tricks (All Levels) Maximizing Value from AdaptiveWork: Budget and Capacity planning for Business Request Intake