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PPM Pro Q&As from September Release Webinar

Question Answer
Can we switch between the Project Integration Controls at anytime or is this set at the beginning and cannot/should not be changed once set? Control can be passed between the systems at any time.  Please review the documentation for caveats to consider when switching control.
In the future will you be able to create a card(s) in PPM-Pro and push to ProjectPlace? While this is not actively being worked on, we will monitor feedback from customers to estimate effort.
Assuming ProjectPlace controls WBS, can you go over how scheduling works if we use "Task Planning Mode" for Staffing in PPM PRO? To clarify, we can schedule staff at the activity level just not at the card level. When using "Task Planning Mode" and Projectplace controls the WBS, the task dates reflected on the staffing page will update along with the Task timeline. 
If ProjectPlace is in control, does that mean PPM Pro is basically in view only? The only parts of PPM Pro that will be "view only" will be those that impact the WBS and are fields mapped from ProjectPlace. 
Can we switch between control and send tasks/cards/activities across? Yes! PPM Pro has a field called "ProjectPlace Integration" that will allow you to switch the source of control for the WBS. We will be adding a similar option on the ProjectPlace side later on.
What time exactly will this take place if we did request it? This will vary depending on the capacity of the care team. This said, the team is prioritizng these requests for the next few weeks. 
If Projectplace is in control, tasks and cards can come across to PPM Pro.  If it is switched, can PPM Pro send tasks back to ProjectPlace? Both systems are able to send information to each other regarding the WBS. When PPM Pro is in control, it will send task information to ProjectPlace. When ProjectPlace is in control, it will send Activity information to PPM Pro.
If so, this can be done repeatedly? Will it cause any syncing issues? While switching between systems of control is a key capability in this feature, we don't recommend continously going back and forth along the lifespan of a proejct. The idea behind this is that either PM can grab control at any point to make changes to a timeline but usually there will be one main system where a PM will be working on. That system should ideally be the one controlling the WBS. 
Should we submit feedback as we have it, or compile multiple points to submit at once? Please submit feedback and findings to customer care. One issue per case will be best as that way we can easily track and work with each matter.