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Planview Customer Success Center

PPM Pro and ProjectPlace FAQs


Q. Can I decide which tool controls the work break-down structure (WBS)?  

A. Yes. Both systems are now able to send information to each other regarding the WBS. When PPM Pro is in control, it will send task information to ProjectPlace. When ProjectPlace is in control, it will send activity information to PPM Pro.

Q. Can I switch which tool controls the WBS at any time or is this set at the beginning and can't be updated later on? 

A. While switching between systems of control is a key capability in this feature, we don't recommend continuously going back and forth along the lifespan of a project. The idea behind this capability is that the Project Manager, regardless of which tool they choose to work from, can grab control at any point to make changes to a timeline. The assumption is that there is one main system where a PM will be working on and that system should ideally be the one controlling the WBS. 

Q. Can I sync a PPM Pro project to both ProjectPlace and AgilePlace (provided I have integrations set up with both tools)?

A. A PPM Pro project can be synced either with ProjectPlace OR AgilePlace, but not both at the same time.

Q. Do tasks have to use a special category to be included in the integration?

A. No, tasks do not need anything special.

Q. How can I see my ProjectPlace Cards in PPM Pro?

A. Once the integration has been enabled by the customer care team, you will see a new Task category called "ProjectPlace Card" appear under Admin. Once you have set any Project in PPM Pro to sync in either direction, the Cards will appear in your WBS for PPM Pro as either a child task (if associated to an activity in ProjectPlace), or summary tasks at the bottom of your task tree (if not associated to any activity). 

Q. Can I schedule resources to a Card in PPM Pro? 

A. Resources can't be scheduled to a Card, but time can be logged by users against ProjectPlace Cards in PPM Pro

Q. Can I log time to a ProjectPlace Card?

A. Time can now be logged to a ProjectPlace Card from PPM Pro Timesheets. Just ensure that your Timesheet rules don't have any criteria blocking these cards from showing on the user's timesheets. 

Q. How should I update my Timesheet Filter Rules to allow for time logging against ProjectPlace Cards?

A. Update your organization's Timesheet Filters to allow users to log time against the Tasks under Category "ProjectPlace Cards". Remember that you won't be able to edit a Timesheet Filter that is currently in use, so first remove the filter being used OR create a copy of it to edit. Make sure you add a criterion stating that Tasks with Category "ProjectPlace Card" are allowed for time entry.

Q. Can I log time to a PPM Pro Task from ProjectPlace ?

A. If your instance has the capability enabled, you will be able to get to PPM Pro to log time to a PPMP task PPM Pro via the Time Reporting option in ProjetctPlace.

Q. Where should task closeout occur?

A. Task closure should ideally happen on the system that is controlling the WBS. If ProjectPlace is controlling the WBS and you mark an activity as Done in ProjectPlace, the task will be closed PP Complete Date in the corresponding task in PPM Pro is set to the date the activity was set to Done. Conversely, when a task in PPM Prois set to an Implied Status = Closed, the task's PP Complete Date will be set. Both systems will have fields, either standard, or integration-specific, that will allow you to see the closed status of a task in both systems. 

Q. Will Team Members sync from PPM Pro to ProjectPlace?

A. Any resource staffed to the PPM Pro project that already exists with the same email address in ProjectPlace will be added to the Members tab of the associated ProjectPlace workspace. 

Q. If I add resources to the PPM Pro Staffing page after the initial sync, will they be added to the Members tab too?

A. Yes, any time you add a resource to the Staffing page they will be synced in real time if they exist already in ProjectPlace. No invitations are being sent at the moment if the resource is not found in ProjectPlace or vice versa

Q. When creating workspaces from PPM Pro templates, do cards and boards in ProjectPlace come over?

A. Not with this version.

Q. How can I use the API for creating Projects if I have the v2 Integration enabled?

A. If creating Projects via webservices when enabling ProjectPlace Integration there is a new required field ProjectPlace Integration (Method Id 400076) that will need to be included as a value pair in the API Call. To set the desired value please use:

  • 0 for No
  • 1 for Yes - PPM Pro controls WBS
  • 2 for Yes - ProjectPlace controls WBS

Q. How are dependencies managed when switching from PPM Pro controls WBS to ProjectPlace controls WBS?

When switching from "PPM Pro controls WBS" to "PP controls WBS",  tasks will be set to manually scheduled and while PPM Pro Task dependencies will not be "dropped" from the UI, they will not affect the WBS.

Known Issues To Be Addressed

  • Users have to be Account Admins in ProjectPlace to see the available Templates in PPM Pro to sync a WS with.
  • Do NOT deselect any 'Recurring working days' when creating a WS in ProjectPlace or your WS will not sync to PPMP.