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Calendars, Dates

How do I create an event for a partial non-working day? It only lets me configure a full day.

In PPM Pro, all of the non-working event types are hard-coded for FULL DAYS (8 hours, or whatever your working day is set to). If you want to account for a non-working event that is less than a full day, you need to create a working event that reflects the remainder of the working hours. Think of partial non-working events as overriding existing working hours, rather than adding non-working hours. Full-day non-working events simply replace a full working day. To enter a partial working-day event (to balance your partial non-working day evert), select Working Day from the Type droplist. See Creating events.

Can I manually enter a task % (percent) Complete value?

No. PPM Pro recently added new variations on how to calculate % Complete. If you use the methods called Timesheet Actuals, then the % Complete field is a system-generated value and cannot be edited by a user. With this method, PPM Pro calculates % Complete by Actual Hrs/(Actual Hrs + HTC). If no actual hours have been logged to a task, then the value of % Complete = 0. There are three additional methods: see Calculating Project and Task % Complete.

% Complete and Complete Date are independent of each other with the exception of when you enter a complete date, PPM Pro sets the task to 100% complete. This means if you estimated 200 hours and only 150 had been logged when the Complete Date was entered, the value of % Complete will be 100, even though there are additional estimated hours.

In addition, Project Managers can adjust the HTC for a task at any time, and when the HTC value = 0,  % Complete will be 100%. However, this doesn't necessarily mean your task is complete (needs a task Complete Date).  And depending on the timesheet settings, end-users can adjust HTC as well on their timesheets. If HTC rises above zero, % Complete will be adjusted accordingly. See About Task Dates and Percent Complete.

I am using the "is next NNN weeks" filter to create due date task reports. Does this include the current week?

No, "is next NNN weeks" starts after the end of the current week. If you want to consider the current week as well, always include an  "&" condition for "is current week"