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PPM Pro Q&As from November 2021 Release Webinar

Questions Answers
How will these changes (timeline) transfer to ProjectPlace? The task timeline and the integration to ProjectPlace are unrelated.
Did you say the task timeline is reportable?

The task timeline is not (yet) reportable. We are waiting for feedback and focussing on higher priority features (like Audit History and KPI Trend reports). Let us know if reporting on the task timeline is high priority for you, and please include a use case. 

It was pointed out that you can run a Gantt report and filter by timeline tasks and get the same information but stacked instead of on one row.

How do we extract/print the task timeline? You currently cannot print the task timeline.
On timeline, any news on being able to change quarters to align with fiscal year starting in October? We have an enhancement in the queue to be able to set the month that corresponds with the start of your Q1. We hope to work on this in our Q1 of 2022.

On the timeline - it looks like there were two levels (top row & bottom row); do those differentiate anything in particular? Also is there a way to make the Icons (diamond, square, etc.) appear in the bottom row so they don't cover the bars in the top row?

Is there a drag and drop capability to move timelines around?

The task timeline bars cannot be reconfigured (moved to different row). We tried to render the timeline with the best layout, but there are no controls to modify the layout. 

No drag and drop of timelines.

Could you choose to show only milestones? Would they all show up on the same line. Could you view multiple projects with one line per project (i.e. multiple projects with milestones for each)?

Yes. A milestone task is no different than any other task. Pick the milestones and configure the timeline as you would with any other task.


What tools are others using to integrate financials?  What are they integrating with, Concur? We have many integrations written to other systems, so long as the system supports open APIs. If you're interested integration services, contact your account manager or customer care. 

Can EAC/ETC be limited to a date range (in cases where a program is being delivered across phases) and need to only report on the current, active phase instead of the entire, multi-year project?

You cannot limit by a specific date range, although there is an implicit limit by your data. You can only report on the whole date range, not specific phases.
How is the EAC calculated during the month regarding resource forecast and reported time?

How EAC is calculated depends on how you configured it the Financial Summary Components/General tab. See Setting Up Data Streams, Calculation Details for Financial Metrics

Will there be a consolidated view for showing multi-project task timeline view?  e.g. for a portfolio with multi projects. Not exactly. But the upcoming feature Gantt with Phases and Milestones might provide what you are looking for.
Gantt Phases and milestones This feature is still on our roadmap, hope to get to it in the first half of 2022. 
Change colors -  There are various options to configure colors depending on the field and report types...please let us know what specifically you are interested in and/or search our Customer Success Center.
To clarify, the task timeline has to be enabled via the admin console to be visible at all? The admin needs to add the 'Show on Timeline' field to any task category's Details you want included in the timeline.
Hi Sherrill, I am the person who enters Forecasts/Actuals for my Dept. Is there a way to move/drag  entries from one line to another? No, financial entries cannot be dragged from one line to another.
Are the colours synchronized with the values in the same colours appearing on tasks/reports etc...? Or are they different? If you are using the new Display As entity grid feature (see Formatting Column Values in the Working with the Task List topic), yes! The Organization Color Palette lookup list can be used to set general colors for the UI and reports. The individual lookup list color configuration also can be used. 
Will fixes for R2D2 continue to be addressed in the near future? It wasn't mentioned for what is coming in the next 12 weeks so I thought I would ask.

We continue to fix issues and add minor enhancements on an ongoing bases. Issues and enhancements are triaged weekly and then discussed with the dev team to determine priority.

I had to go back to Legacy to fulfill a recent request for an audit report?

When will OData be available in the new reporting?

Watch for Feb Q1 2022 roadmap. OData will not be part of r2d2 reporting, but will be supported at some point - just not in conjunction with reports. Audit reports will be supported in r2d2 - watch for the first roadmap presentation in 2022.

Hi, my company does not appear to have the latest version of PPM - is this an issue? I am not the Manager who manages it for our Dept.

You might be comparing your sandbox environment vs your production environment. Sandbox releases happen the week prior to the production release, and so you might be noticing differences between those 2 environments for that one week. Once production is released (and sandbox refreshed if necessary), then both environments will be the same.

Correction In our webinar one of our product team members mentioned that if the Start to Complete date option was selected for Show on Timeline, and there was no Complete Date, then the Target Date would be used instead. Unfortunately this was incorrect. For a task to show on the timeline, for whatever two date option is selected both dates have to be present in order for the task to show up on the timeline.