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PPM Pro Q&As from May 18 2022 Release Webinar

Question Answer
Do we need to put in a ticket to get rid of the legacy reports if we don't need them any more? Yes, simply submit a Support Case asking that Legacy Reports and Dashboards be turned off. Be sure to specify if you want it turned off in Production only, Sandbox only, or both Production and Sandbox. Some customers making the transition have informed their users that Legacy will be going away, asking for any final report and dashboard transition needs, and then they turn off in Production but leave on in Sandbox for a short time in case they need to refer back to any Legacy reports or dashboards.
If we select to keep the legacy report for SandBox, when we refresh what will happen? Do we still have Legacy reports available in SB? It is probably a good idea to refresh your Sandbox before turning off Legacy Reports and Dashboards in Production, so you have all the Legacy items in your Sandbox. But after turning off Legacy in Production, when you refresh later your Legacy reports and dashboards should still be in your Sandbox if you have Legacy turrned on (they'll just have refreshed data).
Is there a way to "hide" legacy reports from certain users insrtead of getting rid of them?  There are a couple legacy reports I want to keep since we can't reproduce them in New Reports however I want to make them available for myself only. You can turn off general Legacy reports and dashboards permissions and ensure that only specific users are in the Legacy report/dashboard Visibility tab. However, if you have any entity-level report/dashboard grids, such as Project sections for Reports or Dashboards, then there will also be Legacy Reports or Dashboards sections because we use the same entity-level permissions to grant access to both. If you are unable to reproduct the Legacy report in new reports, please submit a Customer Care Case or reach out to Yessica or Sherrill to help you out...we might not be able to reproduce exactly, but we should be able to get close and/or at least provide access using two reports with drilldown.
What is the timeline on the new OData feature. Initial target is in Q4, if all goes well in Q3 with other feature work.
Do the new reports have OData enabled now? No, new reports and OData do not and will not relate. With the OData Revamp feature we are hoping to complete later this year, you will have a new user interface to identify fields for OData feed; there will be no need for reports or dashboards to identify fields or use as the OData URL.
What is the timeline for SSA on the Resources screen? No target date yet, hopefully in 2023 (earliest possible start would be Q1, but TBD).
Dependent Field Logic? Same as Resource Self-Service Admin, no target date yet, hopefully in 2023.
Our organization is heavily dependent on Excel exports.  I know they don't now, but is the plan to eventually make report exports to Excel display the same column heading color/font settings? With the new List: Basic, List: Time Series, and Gantt enhancement to configure colors and fonts on Columns, we still have another enhancement in queue to enable that configuration to be included as part of the Excel Export. Other report types that are charts are TBD.
Regarding any/all filtering: If a single filter is used, and any is selected, does that show everything. If a single filter, the results should be effectlively the same as today…best approach is to try it out!