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Timesheet Notes

You can create notes for individual entries and the timesheet as a whole. Any time action is taken on a timesheet, such as submission, approval, rejection, there is the option to add a note. All the notes will reflect a type (Entry, Timesheet, Approval, Submission, Rejection, Time Admin), and will be displayed in the Notes view.

To create an entry note, select an entry to edit (either from the Daily Entry view or the Timesheet view) and then enter text in the Note field:


To create a timesheet note, navigate to View > Full Timesheet. There is a placeholder in the Current notes view, simply replace the default text:


You can create notes for additional entries, but you can have only one timesheet note; you can update the timesheet note as often as you like.

To create a submission note, simply enter a note in the submission dialog:


All note types are displayed in Vew >  Notes:

notes_view_1.PNG    note_view_2.PNG