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Creating scoring profiles

Users with PPM Pro adminstrative privileges can create scoring profiles.

A scoring profile is comprised of weighted categories and criteria. Once you create the profile, you add the categories and criteria.

To create a scoring profile:

  1. Navigate to Admin/Setup/Scoring/Scoring Profiles.
  2. Select Menu > New.
  3. In the Create a new Scoring Profile dialog, enter the following information:


Title (Required) Enter a unique name.
Description (Optional) Enter additional information about the profile.
Overall Score Calculation Choose whether to add all the user scores for this profile (Sum User Scores) or to average the scores (Average User Scores).
Entity Owner Can Score Choose Yes to give the project/request owner permission to score the project without being placed on a scoring team. If you choose No, you can place the entity owner on the scoring team at a later time, if necessary.


  1. Click Save.

To add the categories and criteria:

  1. Navigate to Admin/Setup/Scoring/Scoring Profiles.
  2. Select your profile and then click the Categories & Criteria link.
  3. Select Menu > Add Criteria to Profile.
  4. Choose the Category and the Criterion.


  1. Repeat for each category/criterion combination you want to add to the profile.

Once you are finished adding criteria to the profile, you need to edit the weights of both the categories and criteria.