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PPM Pro Q&As from September 2021 Release Webinar

Question Answer
For Financial reports is the ETC time coming from the allocations on the staffing page or HTC on the task tab? For financial summary, the ETC and EAC are calculated based on the financial summary structure data, according to how your ETC/EAC financial summary settings are configured.
Can we reproduce a structure for "financials Summary Costs" in the reports (parents/childs)? Yes, you should be able to replicate the structure as shown in this Financial Summary Structure report recipe, and then use a filter if you only wanted to show certain financial summary fields (like just costs). Please submit a Support Case if you aren't sure how to do this.
Would you be able to include supervisor hierarchy to the report? We need a little more information - please email if you still have a question, or submit a Support case with details.
Any tips on reducing whitespace? Wondering if you are referring to reports on dashboards, or, printing dashboards? Take a look at "Browser Print" in this topic: and if that isn't what you mean, please submit a Support case.
For the new capacity and demand reports, would I be able to easily filter by project Sponsor and have that report appear on the Home Overview screen for that specific Sponsor? Yes, you should be able to filter using "is current user", for example, create a project filter "Project: Sponsor is current user".

Are we going to lose the existing Capacity & Demand Reports?

Will the Cap/Dem UI be going away anytime soon? or is this just an option so that we can publish via Dashboard

Legacy reports will go away eventually. The Capacity & Demand UI will remain for the time being (no plans to deprecate any time soon), although you can also replicate it with "new" reporting and put on dashboards and have so much more in your reports!
Just wanted to confirm that LeanKit and Projectplace can sync to a project in PPM Pro at the same time? I thought it was only one or the other. Yes - this capability was introduced with the September release.
i have a question about dashboards. I have a dashboard that has a gantt chart and I cannot change / control the colors. If i change the color by option to something else and then back to what it was, the colors randomly change. Please enter a Support case so that the Care team can look into this for you.
Can I be directed to where and how multiple or sets of dashboard reports can be printed out to PDF?   A set is focused typically by a Steering committee Reports and dashboards cannot be bulk printed to PDF, please enter an enhancement request if this is needed. Also take a look at this topic:
In Tasks, is there any plan to add the ability to add color, bold, change font or highlight text within a task, within the grid? We are tracking an enhancement to apply color to task rows (is a significant effort), although not the ability to change the format. 
Does a Flex license include both ProjectPlace and LeanKit? Yes.
What is the permission setting to publish NEW Dashboards, where is this at? Dashboards > Edit > Publishing.