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About the Organization

The Organization is the overarching umbrella for all of the Divisions, Departments, Projects, Resources, Issues, Tasks and Requests in PPM Pro. Within the Organization you can view a list of all of the Divisions that the Organization is composed of, view a list of all system administrators in Basic info, and with the appropriate permissions, you can manage resource time and expense data, and access Organization-level attachments, reports, and dashboards.

Note that the Organization Unit Hierarchy is a tool for organizing users in the PPM Pro system. The hierarchy often reflects your organization structure, and is comprised of units (like departments), managers, and unit members/resources. See About the Organization Hierarchy.

Organization Info

You can enter Organization Basic Information and specify a Primary Administrator in Admin/Organization/Info by a member of the Admin group. The primary administrator is a user with administrative privileges. The user who is the primary administrator cannot be inactivated, and is required so that you don't inadvertently inactivate all users with administrative privileges and essentially lock yourself out of the system.

Organization Rights

Users with the following rights can perform the associated tasks:

Members of Admin standard group:

  • create and edit Admin/Organization/Info/Basic Information
  • create, edit, delete calendars

Members of the Organization group:

  • create and view Organization level reports for entities not using profile permissions model (for example, Enterprises, Divisions, Departments, Contacts, Resources)
  • create, edit and delete divisions
  • create, edit and delete departments