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Profile-Based Permissions for Tasks

The actions you can perform on tasks depends on your permission profile for the project to which the task belongs, or whether you are a task owner or simply scheduled to a task. Project level permissions include View, Edit (implies create), and Delete. 

Task owners automatically get task View/Edit rights for the task Details tab. You can give task owners additional rights, like Delete tasks or full Edit/View by adding those permissions to the Owner profile. Users with full project View/Edit will get full task View/Edit automatically. Users scheduled to tasks get read-only access to tasks fields, unless they are given expanded permissions with a profile.

Note for task owners: Some fields on the task Details tab directly affect other tasks or the parent project. Default task owner permissions will exclude edit permissions on the following fields. In order to edit these fields, users need Project > Edit > Tasks permission and possibly Project > Edit > Detail (if the parent project needs to be updated based on an edit to one of the fields below):

  • Start Date
  • Target Date
  • Complete Date
  • Duration
  • Manually Scheduled?
  • Active?
  • Constraint Type
  • Predecessor
  • Successor
  • Scheduled Resources
  • Is Capitalized?
  • Work Effort
  • Billing Type


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