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Exporting Dashboards and Reports

Anything that can be exported to Excel can also be exported with comma-separated values (CSV) or tab-separated values (TSV).

Exporting graphical reports results in a PDF document displayed in Adobe Acrobat Reader. Gantt charts are given a print dialog for configuring the list and graphical aspects separately. See Printing to Gantt Reports to PDF below.


Dashboards and their components can be exported to Excel (each report on the dashboard is automatically exported into a separate worksheet) and printed to PDF (each report printed on a separate page). Note that when exporting dashboards with graphical report/chart components to Excel, the data behind the charts is exported as a list report - the visualization is not exported.

Options for dashboards


Graphical Reports

Graphical charts can be exported to Excel, PDF, and PowerPoint, as well to PNG or JPG files, and a SVG vector image. Note that when exporting graphical reports/charts to Excel, the data behind the chart is exported as a list report - the visualization is not exported..

Options for graphical reports


Text-based Reports (List, Crosstab, Gantt)

Non-graphical reports can be printed to PDF, and exported to Excel, CSV and TSV files. See Printing Gantt Reports to PDF.

Options for list-based reports


Printing Gantt Reports to PDF

  1. Run the Gantt report.
  2. In the Actions menu of the rendered report, choose Export/Print to PDF.


The dialog that appears includes 3 radio buttons, as shown in the screenshots below. 

  • The top button reflects the Topic entity on which the report is based. Select this radio button if you want to print the left-side columns as a list report only.
  • Select the Gantt button to print the Gantt chart only.
  • Select the List and Gantt Chart button to print both the list and the chart.

If printing the Gantt portion, select the date range you want to print; adjust the size and orientation as necessary.

Project Topic, Gantt Type


Task Topic, Gantt Type


For additional options, click the More button and you will see options to:

  • Show Header/Show Footer
  • Print list/chart on one page (shrinking list as necessary)
  • Print Gantt Bar labels
  • Print columns: select the columns you wish to include in the list part of the report.