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PPM Pro August 2020 release: Q&A Transcript

Question Answer
Clarification on deleting reports/dashboards: 

Reports that are on a dashboard cannot be deleted - previously there was an issue that allowed this, but that was resolved with the August release. If you remove the report from the dashboard, you can then delete the report.

Dashboards themselves can be deleted - this has no affect on their report components.

Overwhelmed with the number of legacy reports that need to be rebuild in the new reports. Any suggestions?

One major difference between new and legacy reports is that with new reports, you can create one report/dashboard and run it within different scopes/contexts. With legacy reports, you had to build separate reports/dashboards for each context. Reports sources were tied to targets. In new reporting, target = scope. Can apply multiple scopes to a single report.

So it might turn out that you only need to rebuild a fraction of your legacy reports. You might try a transition approach like this: 

  1. Review legacy reports starting at the Org level (target)
  2. Create the new report at the org level - remember all reports appear at the top-level Dashboards list, which is scoped for the Organization.
  3. Then run the report at other scopes and see if that meets your needs for targets in legacy report sources.
In Reports (beta), the task title (description) from the timesheet doesn't‚ appear to be a reportable field, but it is in the legacy reports. Can this be added at some point?

When you traverse the field path, if you pick Task ID you'll then have access to the Description field in the All folder. Task ID actually represents the Task Title. 

Apologies if I missed this but are you able to drill down in a Gantt report now? That isn't currently available on the old report without creating a calculated field. Yes, drilldown from a Gantt report is supported in new reports. You can set up drilldowns on the list fields for a Gantt.
What happens if you show k or M without decimals?  Does it round up or down? The thousands and millions symbols follow standard rounding: 5 and above rounds up, otherwise rounds down.
Is a Planview license required to 'view only' dashboards? Until publishing is supported, users will need a PPM Pro license to view dashboards. Publishing a dashboard allows you to give access to the dashboard via a URL to a non-PPM Pro view (provided the publishing options are configured to support this).
Do you have standard report setups that can be shared - eg PMO roadmap report, etc.?  what is the link?

There is a cookbook of report recipes at this location:

If you don't find a recipe you are looking for, let us know and we'll see if we can add it!

Can there be more than one owner to a dashboard to re-publish and edit? Currently, I cannot do so in the current environment

The new dashboards will allow publishing (when supported) via permissions - so as long as a user has permission to publish, they will be able to publish dashboards they don't own. Additionally, we will be showing the published icon to all users who can access the Dashboards tab, so it will be obvious which dashboards are already published.

Would you please explain the scope? (or provide information on it)

The scope is the context in which a dashboard is run. For example, if you run a dashboard from the project Dashboards section, then the dashboard is automatically scoped for the current project. If you run a dashboard from the top-level Dashboards list, then the dashboard is run at the Organization level - across all entities (row-level permissions will govern exactly what data a given dashboard consumer can view).

The dashboard creator can allow the scope to be changed by the dashboard consumer by providing a Scope menu from which the dashboard consumer can choose to run the dashboard at any level: Organization, Division, Department, Portfolio, Project, Resource.

See Scope Tab (Beta) for more information.

How far away are we from being able to export the dashboards? This is on a list of Capabilities Still to Come that can be found on the Known Issues list for Dashboards. This list is in approximate priority order: Known Issues - Dashboard (Beta).
Does the new dashboard only use beta reports?  Or can it use legacy reports? The new dashboards can use new reports only.
The legacy dashboard sometimes has significant lag time in displaying underlying data that has been updated. Will this be addressed with the new dashboard? We hope the new dashboards address this need - please let us know if you are noticing performance issues.
We are beginning to use Bubble Charts to compare scoring profile data. We use X as Category A total score and Y as category B score. We would like to use a single category criteria score as Bubble Size but currently can't access it in the "old" reports, is that available in Reports Beta

Coming, not supported yet.

This is on a list of Capabilities Still to Come that can be found on the Known Issues list for Reports. This list is in approximate priority order: Known Issues - Reports (Beta).

I may have missed it but is the NEW Dashboard (beta) replacing Dashboard and DB will be deprecated similarly as requests and reports? Yes, new dashboards will replace legacy dashboards, which will be deprecated over time...over a long time, as before we can deprecate Legacy reports and dashboards, we'll make sure customers have ample time to make the transition and that we have a new method for identifying OData fields.
Has there been any interest in making "Mekko" Charts available in reports, or is it already available?

We use Highcharts for our charts implementation, and anything they offer can be supported. It doesn't appear that Highcharts has a Mekko chart, although perhaps the current Heatmap type that is in new reports might be close enough?  If you feel this is something critical and truly useful, please enter an enhancement request and we can see if other customers are interested as well. See the Highcharts examples here for other ideas and options:


How can we submit a request for enhancement for reports beta? You can enter a Customer Care case and they will make sure to notify Product Management, or, you can email Jennifer ( or Sherrill ( directly.
Will there be (Professional Development Units) PDUs available with the virtual Horizons? 

Yes! Attendees may receive up to 10 PDU credits by attending Horizons.

What is your recommendation on the ppm pro account to use to create ODATA connection?  does the account used for ODATA connection have to be the same account as dashboard owner?

Will access to odata be the same? (the path to the dashboard using the ID)

There is no change to how to configure OData - you will still use legacy reports and dashboards for the foreseeable future. Please see the topic: OData Setup
I came in late so apologies if this was covered, but will calculated fields be a part of Report Beta soon? This is on a list of Capabilities Still to Come that can be found on the Known Issues list for Reports. This list is in approximate priority order: Known Issues - Reports (Beta).
In the beta reports how can I display the values in % on a donut or pie chart? This is on a list of Capabilities Still to Come that can be found on the Known Issues list for Reports. This list is in approximate priority order: Known Issues - Reports (Beta).
Was hoping that there would be more than 1 owner to the dashboard

New dashboards will always be run as user, so we hope this will overcome the need for multiple owners. Additionally, the ability to publish (when supported) will be permission-based, so again, not limited to one "owner".

The Calculated Fields are currently defined from the Reports tab.  Will my existing Calculated fields be impacted when Reports are deprecated in favor of Reports Beta?

This is on a list of Capabilities Still to Come that can be found on the Known Issues list for Reports, and we'll see what we can do about transferring the secondary entity calculated fields. This list is in priority order: Known Issues - Reports (Beta).

Field dependencies? *insert angel face* Still on the roadmap!
Is there a way to copy or import a legacy report into a beta report? Unfortunately there is no way to migrate legacy reports to new. 
Can you confirm that legacy dashboards/reports still have a 50K record restriction (correlated to odata use)? Please check with Customer Care about your use case. There may be a way to increase the 50K limit, but it might adversely impact performance for your other users, so needs to be considered with Care.
so when I need a NEW report with an odata connection will i be ale to make one in the old reporting system? Legacy reports will be available for OData for quite some time. Once the new reports and dashboards are Generally Available (GA), we will add a new way to identify OData fields and hopefully address other enhancements customers have asked for with respect to more frequent data refreshes and better performance/limits (still needs to be added to the Roadmap). We likely will review this with our User Experience inner circle before we implement.
Is this development priority list published anywhere? At your request, we just updated the list of Capabilities Still to Come that can be found on the Known Issues list for both Reports and Dashboards. This list is in approximate priority order: Known Issues - Reports (Beta)Known Issues - Dashboard (Beta).
Ability to change colors and patterns are important in our organization This is on a list of Capabilities Still to Come that can be found on the Known Issues list for Reports. This list is in approximate priority order: Known Issues - Reports (Beta).
Please put the list (of capabilities still to come) on spigit!! I'd like to see what's on the queue and vote on what will impact us the most!! OK! We will follow up about this idea to put the Capabilities Yet to Come into a Spigit challenge for prioritizing, once we've gotten through a few more of the absolutely essential capabilities (such as planning reports and dashboard publishing) and likely after our upcoming customer PPM Pro Roadmap 2021 challenge. Please stay tuned!