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Planview Customer Success Center

Assigning a scoring profile to a project

Members of the Admin group or users with Project > Edit > Scoring Profile permission can assign a scoring profile to a project.

To assign a scoring profile to a project

  1. Navigate to the project you wish to score.
  2. Click the project's Settings link in the left-nav and select a profile from the Scoring Profile drop list (note that by default the Scoring Profile droplist appears in the project Settings section. Your organization might have moved the field to Details or Additional Details.)
  3. Click Save.

Changing the profile assigned to a project 

If scoring is unlocked, you can change the profile currently assigned to a project . However, the scores from the original profile will be removed from the Scoring section. If you decide to reassign a previously-scored profile, those scores will be reinstated in the Scoring section.

To change the scoring profile assigned to a project or request type, follow the steps above for setting the profile, and simply select a different profile from the Scoring Profile drop-down list.