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PPM Pro QAs from Q3 RoadmapWebinar

Question Answer
When is the push from Sandbox to Production happening? We don't have a targeted date for sandbox to production move. This is being done by components and the Reports entity was the first to be completed via the Upload/Download functionality added this year. 
What are the use cases behind the additional sections in the project Additional Sections on the project will allow to add more fields and have a more organized and detailed view of these. At the moment the solution only allows for 1 Additional Details section and it can become crowded and low-performing depending on the amount and type of fields there. 
Are there any plans to put logs at the portfolio level? There are no roadmap items at this time for adding Logs to Portfolios. Please submit an enhancement if you haven't! 
Concerning the image capability, it went by kind of fast... can we have images for a project or portfolio displayed on a report? The capability to add links, rich text, images, and more at the Dashboard level is on the roadmap.