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Request Scoring Permissions

This topic assumes that at least one scoring profile has been created and assigned to a request category. This setup work is done by a member of the PPM Pro Admin group.

Note that scoring profiles are assigned to request categories, meaning that the all requests of a specific category will use the same scoring profile. This is different than for projects, which can be assigned profiles on a project-by-project basis.

Who can score a request?

Requests use profile-based permissions. There are two scoring-related permissions for requests: View/Edit > Scoring and Edit > Scoring Profile.

  • Request > View > Scoring give permission to view the request Scoring tab and any existing scores
  • Request > Edit > Scoring gives permission to score (and to view the Scoring tab)
  • Request > Edit > Lock Scoring gives permission to lock scoring

All scoring activity takes place on the Scoring tab of a request. If you don't see a Scoring tab in the request modal, then the request's category does not include Scoring. You can add scoring to any category by going to Admin/Setup/All Entities/Request/Categories and editing/adding a category and checking the Scoring section and selecting a scoring profile.

Scoring activities and required permissions

  • To score any request, the user must have Request > Edit > Scoring permission for All Requests and a Global request profile rule.

  • To score specific types/categories of requests, the user must have Request > Edit > Scoring permission for specific request categories in a Global request permission profile rule.

  • To lock request scores for all requests, the user must have Request > Edit > Lock Scoring permission for All Requests in a Global rule.

  • To lock request scores for specific types/categories of requests, the user must have Request > Edit > Lock Scoring permission for specific categories and a Global rule.

  • To delete a score, the owner of the score (the user who scored) can delete the score by selecting [Delete] in the Scoring tab.

Note: Currently the system allows users with the appropriate scoring permissions to score a rejected request - please avert your eyes and pretend you didn't see that. There is no use case for scoring a rejected request, as rejected requests cannot be resubmitted. No need to submit a bug :)

See Scoring a Request for instructions about scoring requests.