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PPM Pro Q&As from November 13 2019 Release Webinar

Question Answer
Is there a way to get a report on all the references for fields. For example for each Request field, show all reports and calculated fields that depend on the field. Not at this time.
Can the report scope be on the Portfolio ? We just discovered that currently there is problem with Portfolios, primarily when running Project Topic reports. This will be resolved in a future release.
If allowing users to change filters and Scope, do a users permissions still limit them on what they can and can't see? Yes, permissions still apply as always - row level permissions will prevent unpermissioned users from seeing data.
Can you customize colors on graphs and charts? You can use lookup lists to add color/icons to fields based on those lists. We are still working out where else we might add color controls.
Can we create report templates that we can use to create consistent reports? There is no concept of report templates. You can easily copy a report to reuse its configuration.
In new list reports, do children/related entities fields display on a single line, or on separate lines like current reports? On separate lines.
For Delete permissions, can a separate permission be added for "Delete Own", instead of a global delete permission? You can use the Owner rule in a permission profile that grants delete permission,  meaning that the report owner can delete her own reports only (provided Global delete permission has not been granted).
Is the activity log reportable? Actions on a request will eventually be reportable.
Reports are being revamped, will calculated fields also be revamped since you access these via the reports tab? If so, will current calculated fields be exported to new module or will they have to be recreated just like existing reports?

You can use Calculated fields in the new Reports, but only those of Entity Type "Standard Entity" that are set to be reportable. The Entity Type of "Reporting Entity" is only used by Legacy Reports; new Reports no longer needs (or wants) that distinction. Any Reporting Entity fields should be recreated as Standard Entity plans for migration at this point.

Can you swirl the donut chart to move the colors around like you can with the current pie charts I don't think so :)
With the new reports, will there be some standard sample reports provided such as Capacity & Demand reports? New customers will have some sample reports out of the box. There is currently no way to add these reports to existing environments - still investigating. Support for building Cap & Demand reports is coming in the future.
The new reports will be in sandbox so we can start playing, if we create new reports will they be able to be moved to production or will they have to be recreated in production once the report module is available there. Any reports you build in sandboxes must be rebuilt in production - no migration.
When will reports be available in production? We hope in the next release or 2 - as soon as we have assessed performance.
Why are some fields in the reporting preview not returning actual data, seeing latin? Project description is an example of this. The Preview Pane uses sample ("dummy") data for top-level entities (such as Project 100001) in order to offer the most performant experience. For data that likely won't affect performance, we try to use real data. For example, column data drawn from lists is using "real" data because it is usually a small amount of data that won't affect performance. If the field doesn't have a list behind it, we generate the data from scratch - lorem ipsom for text fields, random number generator for numeric fields.
Timeframe on when you want feedback by? We want to go out to some of our user community for feedback too. Please give us feedback any time you'd like! No limit, but please do a little testing as soon as possible so we can assess performance sooner rather than later. Please post questions in Disqus so we can educate each other!
Calculated fields: Any help with identifying mismatches, or is the expectations to manually go through all fields to see if we have any that need to be fixed? Unfortunately there is no automated way to locate mismatched fields. Once the change is in affect, you might run a report and see which fields are not returning expected values?
Reports: Any limitations on the preview pane? Will the preview pane lag is there is a lot of data? Worried if creating a report that is currently processing intensive like audit log reports. No limitations - see description above about Preview Pane.
Can you do grouping on list reports yet? Grouping not yet supported.
Will the dashboards area be changing to accommodate reporting changes? Dashboards are the "d2" of "r2d2" - there will be changes a-coming.
Can you still drill down on the reports? You will be able to drill down, not currently supported.
When will Reports go GA? Not sure yet - TBD.
Do the new Reports work with Dashboards the same as Legacy Reports? They will work with new dashboards, coming in 2020.
Is there a migration path for current reports to the new or will customers need to rewrite all of their reports? Customers will need to rewrite - the new reports are so different (no report sources, multiple scopes, new visualizations, etc.), really need to build from scratch.
Can you show how to report schedule variance on the status of the project? Assume my project is late and want to show how many weeks/days its late KPI reports will handle this today in legacy reports, but not yet supported in new reports..
How do we set up our data set for reporting? No setup required, uses the data you already have in the system.
Where is the "Export" feature on the new report functionality? When you run a report, there is an Actions menu - click the little arrow to the top-right of the rendered output to open a menu with all the export options.
Can the activity log be pulled in reports to determine sla's Reporting on request activities still to come with new reporting.
Is there a report "cook book" for the new reporting? No cookbook yet, we hope to have one soon.
How do we get the new Reports into Sandbox again? Reports are already in sandboxes. You must have permission to at least view reports in order to see the top-level Reports icon/link. Once you are permissioned propertly, you should see a Reports icon/link and a Legacy Reports icon/link.
What's going to happen to the calculated field that do not have the correct type? They will not return expected results.
Are the legacy report filters separate from the new report filters? Any existing filters can be used with the new reports. You can also build ad-hoc filters from the report designer.
How do we tell if a calculated field is going ka-put? No way to know until it starts misbehaving. Perhaps after the January 2020 release create a report and check to see if the CFs are returning expected data?
Is there a way to group by dates so far? Grouping not yet supported.
Will all the legacy reports adapt to the new reports? You will need to recreate legacy reports using the new feature.
What is the timeline on Reports coming out of beta? TBD.
Is there any new functionality in reporting for exporting the data? (PDF, Excel, Etc.) Yes, PDF, Excel, and others. When you run a report, click the little arrow to the top-right of the rendered output to open the Actions menu with all the export options.
Is the help content updated in sandbox for reporting Yes - the same help content is in sandbox and production.
As with current reports, will the new reports have the ability to rerun, print using down arrow? You can simply refresh the browser to rerun the report.
Scope vs filter is a bit fuzzy, can you explain the difference? Scope identifies the level in the hierarchy - for example the Organization is the broadest/highest scope. You can report at the Orgnaization scope to see all entities in your environment. The Project scope, for example, allows you to report on a specific project, same with a task scope, or a porfolio scope. If you configure your report to allow changes, you can pick the scope at runtime or when viewing the rendered report. Filters allow you to limit the data for the topic(s) you are reporting on. For example, if you are reporting on all tasks in a project, you would e able to apply filters on projects and tasks.
Can you show where in permission profile the change is needed to make the report option available in top menu? Under Admin/Permissions, simply add the appropriate users to a profile that offers at least Report > View permission.
When is the new dashboard targeted for? TBD until we get further along with the new reports.
Are there any webinars about using the new reports? Not yet, we hope to have some in the new year.
Can non users submit request forms? People in department that only submit requests and do nothing else in the system. No, they must be at least a Request user with a login to PPM Pro.
As the new request module goes live in GA this weekend, is it automatically available to use? will we need to enter a support ticket to turn it off until we are ready to function over? The new requests will automatically be in production environments with the November release. Please enter a case with Customer Care to request disabling/removing legacy requests if you are ready.
When will Legacy Requests be sundowned? Target is June 2020.
Sorry if I missed this, but when is the new Copy Request feature available? Copy request is available with the November release.
Do you have the video for the Strategic Work Intake on the community site? This way I can send links to managers who are unable to attend the webinar so they can see it. We will post the link after the webinar.