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Adding users to a scoring filter team

Role: User with Innotas Admin privileges.

A scoring filter team is one or more users that are assigned to a scoring filter. The scoring filter describes the type of project these users are allowed to score.

Before you add users to the team, you must create the scoring filter. In addition, a user must be on the scoring team to be eligible to be placed on a scoring filter team. See Adding users to a scoring team.

Remember, if a scoring team member has permission to score all projects/requests, that team member does not need to be on a filter team.

To add users to a scoring filter team

1.      Navigate to Admin/Setup/Scoring/Scoring Filters.

The page is divided into two sections: the top section is for requests, the bottom for projects. The instructions are the same for projects and requests.

2.      Locate the filter for which you want to build a team.

3.      Click [Team].

4.      In the dialog that appears (it should display the name of the filter), choose Menu > New Team Members.

5.      In the Add Team Members dialog, select the users you wish to add to the team and click the >. Note that you can multi-select by holding down the Shift key.

6.      Close the dialog.

Note: If you do not see user names that you were expecting, make sure you added those users to the general scoring team. See Adding users to a scoring team.