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Working with Timesheet Alerts

The Timesheet Alerts page is located in Admin/Organization/Timesheet Alerts. This screen displays all timesheet alerts configured for your organization. See Default Timesheet Alerts for information about default alerts.


Anatomy of the Timesheet Alerts List Page

The Timesheet Alerts page is divided into two sections: the alerts grid and the details pane.

The list of alerts is displayed in the top pane (often referred to as the "grid"), and the selected alert's details in the bottom pane (often referred to as the "reading pane"). The grid displays the elements of the alert (recipient, subject and message text, if active/inactive, triggering event) so you can quickly skim them. Select an alert in the grid by clicking it once, and the same elements are displayed in the Details pane in a format more resembling a conventional email message. If you find that you only want to use the grid, you can collapse the Details pane. You can also use the splitter to resize the two panes. Any changes you make to the layout (resizing panes, for example) will be retained when you return to this page.

Below is a screenshot of the Timesheet Alerts page:


Toolbar Buttons and Actions Menu

The toolbar buttons and Actions menu support creating, copying, and editing timesheet alerts, restoring the default alerts, and making an alert active or inactive. All button and menu functions (except New) are also available in the right-click context menu.

Toolbar Function



Opens the Create Alert modal. See Creating a Timesheet Alert.


Opens the Copy Timesheet Alert modal populated with the selected alert's definition. After you make the appropriate change(s) and save, the modified alert definition will appear in the grid as a new alert. Note that the Save button will not be active unless you make a change - you cannot have multiple alerts with exactly the same definition.


Opens the Edit Timesheet Alert model where you can make edits.

Actions Menu


Make Active/Inactive - Toggles between making the selected alert active or inactive. You can also click Edit and then enable/disable the "Alert is active" checkbox.

Inactive alerts will not be sent upon any user action or at a scheduled time.

Restore Defaults - Removes any custom alerts and restores original set of default (PPM Pro-supplied) alerts.

Delete - Deletes the selected alert


Displays the Configure Columns modal where you can choose which columns to display in the grid.

Disabling Timesheet Alerts

Timesheet alerts are delivered via email - they do not get routed to Home/Alerts. You can inactivate individual timesheet alerts to prevent them from firing. And of course you can delete the alert itself. If you want to disable timesheet alerts for your entire organization, deactivate (or delete) all alerts.

In addition, your PPM Pro administrator can turn off all email-based alerts for a specific user, which includes timesheet alerts, request notifications, and the out-of-the-box entity owner alerts, by setting the Disable Alerts field on the resource's record to "Yes".