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Configuring Summary Data Streams - General Tab (Beta)

Note: Users with Organization > Finances > Financial Summary Components > Edit permission can edit the General and Fields tabs to select data streams and create and manage the summary fields.

What is a Data Stream?

The financial summary structure displays financial information about a project. A data stream is a conduit of monetary values that feeds the fields on the financial summary structure. Each stream is derived from a different pool of financial data: Budget, Forecast, and Actuals. When you create fields for summary structures you will configure the relationship between the fields and the relevant data stream(s). See Creating Fields for the Financial Summary (Beta).

Data streams are selected at the Organization level so they are consistently available to all project financial summaries. You can choose to include one, two, or all three data streams. Any included data stream can be excluded at the individual project summary level; any data stream that is excluded here (at the Organization level) cannot be included at any project summary level.

Renaming Streams/Financial Entities

Note that the display name of each stream corresponds to the pool of financial data that is its source. You can change the Display Name of a data stream, and the new value will update all the instances that reference the same source across PPM Pro - labels, financial entries, calculations, and so on. For example, if you change the "Forecast" display name to "Planned", the financial Entries section will now display a "New Planned" button, instead of "New Forecast".  You can play around with the labels, and can always change them back. If you don't see a change you expected after you save, try doing a browser refresh.

What Data Streams to Allow on Summaries?

The General tab is home to the available data streams that you can use in your organization's financial summary structures. While you can have multiple structures that can vary by project category, the data streams you select here can apply to all structures. 

Which streams to include depends on the type of data you want to make available to your project managers and others responsible for and reviewing the financial health of your organization's projects. If you don't want to include budget information in any summary, then don't allow the Budget stream. If you want to include budget information on some summaries but not others, then include it and users can simply select to hide budget on individual project summaries as needed. 

Check the Allow checkbox for any data stream you want made available for display in the Summary structure.


Once you allow the stream, it will be shown by default on your Summary structure - as mentioned above, you always have the option of hiding it whenever it suits your needs (can be toggled on/off). The screenshot below is from a project Summary structure, and shows all streams available and shown on the structure - you can uncheck specific streams to hide.


What Next?

You can select data streams and create summary structure fields in any order. If you haven't already, head over to the Fields tab to create your structure fields.