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Resource Permissions

This report shows you what permissions resources have on other entities such as portfolios, projects, and so on:

resource permissions.png

Design View Selection Comments

Topic: Resource

Specialty: Permissions

Type: List: Basic

Title: <enter a meaningful title>




List Fields:

  • Name: Last, First
  • Permitted Entities > Entity Title
  • Permitted Entities > Permission Profile
  • Permitted Entities > Permission Profile > Permission Rules
  • Permitted Entities > Permission Profile > Permissions

Use the Available Fields field path control to access permitted entities and permissions profile available fields.

To change the data field labels for the report columns, you can edit each column directly in the Preview pane or use the Field Options modal. For example, to change the field label from "Resource > Permitted Entities > Permissions Profile > Permission Rules" to "Permission Rules", within the List Fields area title select the edit icon for "Show Field Options" and in the resulting "Field Options" modal, edit the field "Display Name".

Screen Shot 2020-11-17 at 3.31.50 PM.png

Field Options.png


Set desired Display options, such as:


  • Set Priority 1 field to the Name: Last, First field with Group By "Group"
  • Set Priority 2 filed to the Permitted Entities > Entity Title field with Group by "Group"

Drill Down: Resource (if you'd like clicking on a field such as Name: Last, First to open the relevant resource)

Variable Settings Filter: Include relevant filters to ensure performance. If you have a large number of resources or (entities), be sure to filter appropriately before running as it could take quite a bit of time to render a report for all the permissions. For example, filter on a resource role such as project manager, or on permitted entity such as projects, or some other relevant criteria. If you want to allow the user to change to a different Filter before running the report or when viewing the report, select the relevant checkboxes for Allow changing.