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PPM Pro Q&As from July 2021 Release Webinar

Question Answer
Are locked columns going to be coming for crosstab reports?

The columns to the left of the repeating data are locked automatically. There are no plans to add additional controls - if you have a specific use case, please enter an enhancement request and we'll take a look at it.

In Financial Summary, will we have the option to Show/Hide the NPV and ETC / EAC columns?

Currently you cannot hide those columns, but it is definitely on our list of things to do prior to this feature becoming GA.

We've noticed our Reports modules now have "(Legacy)" after them, and we want to make sure those aren't going away.  We do the majority of our work there, and it would be detrimental to our company if those were removed.

Legacy reports and dashboards do not yet have an end date, however we can narrow it down to no sooner than a year from when the new reports/dashboard became GA. Suffice it to say they will be around for a long time! Conversely, whenever you are ready to cut the cord, Customer Care can disable the legacy features (and you would not longer see (Legacy) in the UI).

Release notes, once the date passes, if the listed item states "Targeted" is it possible that it didn't get released? That is my mistake, once the release date passes, "Targeted" should be removed. If a feature is on the release notes and then needs to be pulled from the release, the release note will be removed too (this rarely happens).
What do we "currently" have in Reports for capacity and demand?

We have the Time Series Reports, Allocated Roles and Resource Topics, which will give you something similar to what we have today. Finally, we are working on Capacity and Demand style reports that you can include on a dashboard.

Hi! Is Gantt Phases and Milestones on the short list? I would really really love this feature to see how our projects are lining up based on phases.

Yes, it is still on our roadmap, timing TBD.
Are tasks within PPM PRO integrated with leankit? if we have time can we talk a little more about the integration please? Yes! We demoed this extensively in the June release webinar, which you can find here.

With the enablement of Time Users to read reports and dashboards then is there a need for Stakeholder licenses? I purchase Stakeholder licenses to people to view/access reports dashboards

Please direct your licensing questions to your Account Manager.

Can you provide some more clarity on Multiple report/page PDF? target post July release.  What that will include?

Enhancement for print to PDF for dashboards, will it force specific reports on a specific page with the new configuration? If there is more data than can fit on a single page, it won't try to squish it into a single page?  Data returned is dynamic, legacy handled the page break reasonably.

Currently when you print a dashboard it places each report on its own page. We heard from customers the need to be able to print to PDF multiple reports on a page. We are referring to it as "Browser print" because it's going to take advantage of your current browser print controls to give you additional options.

We are still working on this feature, and it's a little too early to discuss some of these details. The goal is to make everything fit nicely on a single page. Watch the release notes to see which release this will be included in.

Is there an option to create text labels for pie charts like in legacy? Next to the percentages or values. We are currently working on this enhancement.

For the time user access changes, will they be in sandbox to test/play with before we enable in production or do we need to submit a support request for it to be turned on in sandbox as well?

Yes, will be able to try it out in sandbox, but will need to submit a support request for it to be turned on in sandbox.

Are drilldown to entity feature supposed to be available in all report types?

Yes. You can drill down to entity anywhere you can drill down to a report. Remember that drill down is truly drill "down" - it's not drill across. So if you're not able to see a report you want it could be that it is not available at that level.

Is there a way for us to not show the new reporting and new dashboard tabs on the individual projects? No, you cannot disable new reporting and dashboards on individual projects.
Will the Time User be able to create projects? And/or become a project owner. Cannot create projects or be assigned project owner; can create reports and dashboards.

Is there a way to prevent Time Users from seeing project details? In some cases, we want task owners to ONLY see their tasks and nothing else.

It's all or none, based on permission profile. If you give the user permission to view tasks on a project, they will see all the tasks, not certain ones. 

If you don't want Time Users to see project details, don't enable the "enhanced" version.

Is the sample dashboard that Sherrill just displayed available in the cookbook? You can take a look at the dashboard recipes here. I think recipes 3 and 4 might be of interest.
Can the Dashboard tiles be grouped into panels so the panels are pages? There are options to resize and position tiles, which may help you. Suggest contacting Customer Care and asking for help.
Where can you find the sample reports? Report recipes here.

Financial Planning and Resource Planning states coming soon in beta on this page.  It sounds like some is available but not all?  Can we clarify what is available and update this page?

Sorry, will update the page. Financial planning and Resource planning time series came out in May initially, and then was completed in June for Roles.