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Creating scoring categories

Users with PPM Pro administrative privileges can create categories.

Categories are "buckets" that contain sets of criteria. A category can contain different criteria for different profiles. For example:

  • Scoring Profile A uses the category Risk. Risk contains the criteria X, Y, and Z.

  • Scoring Profile B uses the category Risk. Risk contains the criteria 1, 2, and 3.

Categories are weighted, and can be weighted differently for different profiles. When you assemble your scoring profile, you assign criteria to the categories and specify weights for both criteria and categories. Multiple categories may comprise one scoring profile; multiple criteria may comprise a category.

You can reuse criteria in multiple categories. For example, you can create multiple profiles using the same categories and criteria, weighting them differently each time.

To create a category

  1. Navigate to Admin/Setup/Scoring/Categories.
  2. Choose Menu > New.
  3. In the New Category dialog, enter the following information:

Title - (Required) Enter a unique name.

Description - (Optional) Enter additional detail about the category.

Add to or Subtract from Score - (Required) Choose whether the score for this category should be added to or subtracted from the total profile score for this user.

  1.  Click Save.

Please see Creating criteria next.