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What's New - July 2019

Release Schedule

Click here for an overview of the PPM Pro release process. 

The table below lists this month's product release dates. 

What When
Release Notes published July  5
System released to sandbox environments July 12, 10 PM - 1 AM PT
System released to production environments

July 19, 10 PM - 1 AM PT

Releases are deployed during the standard maintenance windows, which are Fridays, 10 PM PT - 1 AM PT.


  • Features that are ready will enter GA status in the first month's release of each calendar quarter: January, April, July, October. There will be an occasional variance from this schedule. You can enter a support request to move a beta feature into your production environment.
  • You can request that beta features be enabled in your production environment by entering a support ticket. Please note that any issues you find will be handled during the normal development cycle. 
  • Planview sends out status emails in advance of planned releases/updates. These alerts include the date and time window of the update, as well as a link to the release notes that include a list of the issues addressed in the update/release. To subscribe to these alerts, please go to and click the Subscribe button.
  • We hold a live product release webinar - typically on the Wednesday before the production release. This webinar will be hosted by PPM Pro product management and consulting personnel, and will include time for Q&A. Click here to register for the July 17th release webinar. 
  • Inner circles are offered as a way for our interested customers to collaborate with PPM Pro Product Management and each other, provide feedback on PPM Pro product capabilities, and guide new feature development. Click here for more information or to register.

Update 1

Release planned for Monday July 22, 2019..

Function Area ID Release Note Description
PPM Pro-Projectplace integration (SnapLogic) 875786718 Task integration calls are failing, which is preventing project plans from syncing correctly.
PPM Pro-Projectplace integration (SnapLogic) 875710704 Users cannot access a project's task plan (NullPointerException thrown).
Dashboards 875678784 Scheduled dashboards are not publishing with new data, despite the confirmation message that the schedule ran. As a result there is stale data in the dashboard.

New Feature Matrix 




For more information…

New Requests! (aka Requests revamp)

This feature will be rolled out over the course of several releases ("rolling beta"). 

We will update this list every month to indicate when/what additional features will be included.

Legacy requests will continue to be supported for the foreseeable future. You can use legacy requests and new requests side-by-side while you set up the new requests to your liking. Since the new model is different from the legacy in several key ways, we are not planning an automated migration at this time.

Current functionality (rolling beta)

  • Configure multiple approvers
  • Ability to map most fields (including pre-SSA lists) from requests to other entities. Support for mapping any human resource field to entity owner, as well as support for mapping a department list field on the request to a department field on a project.
  • Out-of-the- box filters
  • Ability to associate/create projects after request approval
  • Ability to copy categories, including gates
  • Sequential Gates
  • Single Approver
  • Approval notifications
  • Ability to disable "New" for legacy requests
  • Scoring
  • Ability to edit tabs, if configured, other than Details when creating a request
  • Ability to report on associations - both directions
  • Ability to associate new and existing projects, tasks and issues
  • Ability to copy notes and attachments to associated entities
  • Request Gantt chart report
  • Request category-based permissions
  • Basic Reporting
  • Self-service administration for configuring request types
  • New graphical, status-based card view

Coming Later

  • Advanced Gate Logic (gate skipping)
  • Activity Log
  • UI for API (Admin/WSAPI)
  • Data Import

Known Issues

User Experience Inner Circle: New Requests  - Note that this was recorded earlier this year, and target dates have shifted

Request FAQs - End User

Request FAQs - Admin, Setup

Setting Up Requests (SSA)

Creating Gates 

Configuring Gate Approvers

Gate Approval Examples, Videos

Gate Approval Example - Screenshots

Transitioning from Legacy to New Requests


PPM Pro - Projectplace Integration Phase 1

A new productized integration from PPM Pro to Projectplace projects and activities, replacing the former external integration. This new integration is event-based for real time updates and has greatly enhanced stability, reliability, and performance.

Please contact Customer Care if you are interested in this feature.


Before You Begin

Using PPM Pro and Projectplace

PPM Pro - LeanKit Integration Phase 1

Allows you to connect projects from PPM Pro to cards on a LeanKit board.

Interested customers who are already using LeanKit can submit a Support Case with Customer Care or contact PPM Pro Product Management.


Setting up the PPM Pro - LeanKit Integration (Beta)

Using PPM Pro and LeanKit (Beta)

TLS 1.1 - end of life

August 9 for Sandboxes

August 16 for Production

Many leading security researchers and the IETF have called for the end of life for TLS 1.0 and 1.1 due to the age of these protocols, their architectural weaknesses, and the increased security offered by TLS 1.2. PPM Pro ended support for TLS 1.0 last year and plans to end support for TLS 1.1 in August 2019.

We are not expecting any significant impact to end users from this change.  All major browsers currently support at least TLS 1.2. We have reached out to customers who were still using TLS 1.1 in integrations in preparation for this EOL announcement and those customers have made the necessary upgrades. Log analysis is showing that there has not been any customer activity on production or sandbox systems using TLS 1.1 since early May, 2019. Please contact customer care if you have any specific concerns or questions.

We are also closely monitoring the progress of TLS 1.3 and look forward to adding support once long-term support is available from our upstream providers (further communication will be provided once we know the exact timeline).

Coming Soon
October 2019 - deprecate task level expenses

Project-level financials was made generally available (GA) for all customers in October 2018. We will begin to enforce the transition away from task-level expenses on the year anniversary.

Phase 1 - October 2019: The ability to create new task level expense estimates will be disabled (New button removed). This will prevent the creation of new expense estimates.

Phase 2: The task level expense facility will remain visible but view only. This will allow you to run reports on historical data. We will leave this enabled until we are sure that there is no longer any need for this data.

As always, if you are already not using this feature and would like it removed so it doesn't confuse anyone, please enter a Customer Care Case and ask to disable the New button or the entire feature for your organization.

October 2019 Transitioning to Project-Level Expenses

Release Notes

Function Area ID Release Note Description
Attachments 835308462 Fixed. Email addresses in the email attachment function now accept any top-level domain.  Previously, a validation error was thrown if you entered an email with anything other than a 2 or 3 character top-level domain (for example, myemail@homesweet.home was not allowed but or was).
Calculated Fields 865265003 Fixed. Calculated fields that use the Trim function work as expected. Previously, an issue caused the system to throw an error when running a report that included a calculated field using the Trim function.
Dashboards 839623751 Fixed. When running scheduled dashboards, the frequency filter works as expected. Previously, an issue was causing the frequency filter to be ignored when running scheduled dashboards.
Data Import 808255195 Fixed. Projects that use double quotation marks in field Description text can be successfully imported. Previously, an issue caused the import to hang if there was a double quotation mark in field descriptions.
Lookup Lists 847035703 Fixed. (IE only) Creating new values for lookup lists work as expected. Previously, an issue caused "<br>"  to be saved in Description fields that were left blank. Users may have inadvertently saved these changes (meaning meaning you'll see "<br>" in the field) - simply delete the value and resave.
Permissions 845692852 Fixed. Time users will be able to view/select projects in a list field for the projects they have the appropriate permissions to view (are on team of project with a profile that includes View permission). Note that Time users cannot be given Global permission to View all projects. Previously, an issue was preventing Time users who had the appropriate permissions from seeing their projects. 
Requests (legacy) 855847771 Fixed. When searching for a project to associate with a request, project titles are no longer truncated at 30 characters.
Requests (legacy) 829393399 Fixed. Drilling down from a Pie chart based on a legacy Request report to a legacy Request List report works as expected. Previously, and issue prevented the list report from displaying results.
Tasks 871887673 Improved. Performance improvements when viewing Task history.
Tasks, MSP 873108193 Improved. Updated library used to read MPP files. This improves support for certain versions of Microsoft Project. MSP import. 
Tasks, SSF 857346160 Fixed. Using dependencies in the spreadsheet-style editor work as expected. Previously, an issue caused dependencies to be removed from child tasks that are collapsed and whose parent is subsequently indented.
Timesheets 850614523 Fixed. Editing a timesheet with an inactive task no longer throws an error.
UI 856520599 Fixed. When setting up rich text fields with formatted text - such as in notification text or Description fields - any formatting text will appear correctly rendered (with bullets, or bold text, and so on). Previously, an issue was causing the HTML markup to appear in the setup (in SSA, or when configuring alerts), though not in the rendered output).
WS API 781552442 Fixed. The "Strict XSS Protection" setting on Organization -> Info will apply to WSAPI requests. Example: if a request is made to Update Entity with a field value of 'Some text <script>alert("XSS")</script> more text" the value will be sanitized to "Some text more text".