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Planview Customer Success Center

Dashboards, Reports


Can I embed a published dashboard in a SharePoint web site?

Published dashboards cannot be embedded in pages from outside PPM Pro for security reasons. You can, however, link to published dashboards from SharePoint using the published dashboard URL.

What does "Run As..." mean?

Dashboards are a way of sharing data with users who might not otherwise have permission to view the data. Dashboards are always "run as" the owner - which means that all users viewing the dashboard see consistent results. For example, if the dashboard is owned by User A and shared with User B, User B will be able to view the dashboard as if she had the permissions of User A. Note that this can result in a user seeing more data than usually permitted to see, or less.

Note that if the owner is a terminated resource, the dashboard will not return any results. A user with PPM Pro administrative privileges can change the dashboard owner by navigating to the resource's Owned Entities page and using the Reassign Ownership feature.

Why don't I see the changes I made to my dashboard?

For performance reasons, PPM Pro displays dashboard cache and gathers new data every 2 hours. To see the update immediately, view the dashboard and use Actions > Rerun to push  manual rerun/update of the dashboard.

When I publish my dashboard, will it appear immediately?

Dashboards can only be scheduled to run outside of normal business hours (5pm - 7:30am in the current user's timezone). Note also that dashboards are "batched" and may not be run at exactly the time that you specify, depending on where it is in the queue. Dashboards will never be run before the scheduled time.

I created a calculated field that contains a link to a project dashboard. The link used to work, but now it just displays a blank page. What happened?

Except for published dashboard URLs, internal URLs within PPM Pro are not a published API and can and do change at any time with no notice. We strongly discourage use of internal URLs and instead encourage using drilldowns to reports and dashboards.


Why can't I see my report? Why can't XYZ user see my report?

Org-level reports:

For entities NOT using profile permissions (Departments, Divisions, Enterprises, Timesheets, Resources), only users who are in the Organization standard group will have access Org-level report sources to view Org-level data. You will need to either put the user in the Org standard group, or you can put the report on a dashboard and publish it and provide the user with the link. Dashboards always run as the user, so the user will see the dashboard by way of your permissions.

If you are using profile-based permissions for projects and you give users permission to view a project/projects, you can share an Org report with the user and they will see only the data they have permission to see. If user is not seeing data for certain projects, make sure the user has View permissions on the projects in question.

Why aren't my capacity and demand reports returning data?

Make sure that you have a permission profile granting permission to view resource availability (Resource > View > Availability). If you want to report on all resources, make sure to use a Global rule. If you are using the Capacity & Demand group, you can add that group to the profile.

  1. Create a permission profile
  2. Add a Global Rule and put the Capacity & Demand group in it.
  3. Select the permissions Resource > View > Availability.
  4. Save.

Now rerun your Cap&Demand report, and you should get the expected results.