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Linking to dashboards

The Dashboards List displays only dashboards you created. To see dashboard created by other users, you "link" them. Once you link a dashboard, it is displayed in your Dashboards List.

To link an entity to a dashboard you must have edit permission on either the dashboard or the entity, and at least view permission to the entity/dashboard on the other end of the link. For example, to link a project to a dashboard, you can have edit permission on the project and view permission on the dashboard, or the reverse.

On the entity-level Dashboards list, you can see only dashboards that you created for that entity. You can link to an entity-level dashboard that you set up on another entity. For example, if you created a dashboard for project A, you can go to the dashboards tab of project B and link to the dashboard you created in project A; when you view the dashboard it will run for the data in project B. Note that while in a project, you can only link to project dashboards, when in a portfolio you can only link to portfolio dashboards, and so on. You can also link to other user's dashboards that are based on the same type of entity (project, account, and so on), provided you have the appropriate permissions to view them.

To link to a dashboard

  1. Navigate to the Dashboards tab or to Entity > Dashboard.
  2. Click the Links button.

If you do not see a Links button, then there are no dashboards available for you to link to because you do not have view or edit permission for any dashboard.

  1. On the Links page, click the Links button for the dashboard(s) you would like to link to.
  2. Click OK when you are done.

About the Dashboard Links page

The Dashboard Link page displays dashboards created by other users that you have permission to view. These dashboards are available for you to link to, as described above.

The columns on the screen are a subset of those on the Dashboard List page.