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Configuring your alert inbox

Alerts have three statuses: New, Read, and Deleted.

Every new (unread) alert is given a status of "New." To view all new alerts, use the filter "Status: +All New". You can reclassify alerts by using the New, Read and Delete radio buttons for each alert. Remember to click the Save button after changing the alert status to put the change into effect.

  • Click Read - changes the alert status to "Read." You now use the filter "Status: +All Read" to view these alerts.

  • Click Delete - changes the alert status to "Deleted." You now use the filter "Status: +All Deleted" to view these alerts. Note that this does not actually delete the alert, but changes its status to Deleted. You can hide these alerts from view by using the appropriate filters (anything but "Show All").

  • Click New - changes the alert status back to "New." You now use the filter "Status: +All New" to view these alerts.

Use the "Show All" filter to view all alerts, regardless of status. Note that when using this filter, "New" alerts will only display Read and Delete radio buttons, and "Deleted" alerts will only display the "New" and "Read" radio buttons. This allows you to re-classify an alert.

In addition to filtering the Alerts page by alert status, you can also sort by Message, Status, and Create date.

All User Notifications

The default notification is the email address on your resource/contact record. You can change that email address, or additional addresses. Configure additional or alternate notification methods by selecting New and filling out the dialog that appears. You can choose to be notified via email, and/or on Home/Alerts.

See About Alerts for more information.