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Setting scenario visibility

You can see the What If tab if you are a member of one of the following standard groups:

  • Organization standard group

  • Resource standard group

  • Capacity & Demand standard group

You can edit and delete scenarios only if you are the scenario owner. You can view a scenario if the visibility is set to All Users (or Some Users and you are a selected user), and you are on one of the teams mentioned above.

By default, when you create a scenario the visibility is set to Some Users. This means that only those users in the Selected Resources list can view the scenario - at first this list will be empty. You can modify this setting on the Visibility screen of the Details dialog, as shown below:


Scenario visibility settings

Scenario visibility settings are:

  • Some Users - scenario is visible to users in the Selected Users table

  • Owner- scenario is visible only to scenario owner

  • All Users - scenario is visible to all members of Organization, Resource, and Capacity & Demand standard groups.