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Creating Organization Role Groups

A Role Group is a category that you use to organize roles. Role Groups are typically general, and reflect a level in your Organization. For example, a Role Group of Junior 2 might include the roles DBA2 or Programmer2.  

First you need to create the role group, then you can assign roles to it.

Create a role group

  1. Navigate to Admin/Organization/Role Group.
  2. In the All Role Groups section, choose Menu > New.
  3. Enter the Title of the group, and optionally enter a Description.
  4. Click Save.

Assign a role to a role group

  1. Navigate to Admin/Organization/Roles.
  2. Select the Role you wish to assign to a role group and choose Actions > Edit. Or, right-click on the role record and choose Edit from the context menu, or just double-click the record.
  3. Choose the group to assign the role to from the Role Group droplist.
  4. Click Save.