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Creating Project Logs/Issues

Note: The "Issues" label is often customized and may be called something else in your customer instance, like Project Log or Issues/Risks.

You can create and manage issues from the Home/Issues page, a projectName/Issues page, or the main Issues page.

  • Home/Issues presents all the issues that you own (are assigned to) as well as any issue to whose team you belong.

  • The top-level Issues page displays any issues that you have rights to view or edit.

  • The projectName/Issues page displays any issues that you have rights to view or edit for the current project.

Users who have Project > Edit > Issues permission can also create and edit issues.

See About Issues and Working with the Issues List page for more information.

Creating a Project Log/Issue

  1. From an Issues List page (either top-level Issues, Home/Issues, or an projectName/Issues) choose New > Issue Category. If your organization has only one category, then just click the New button, there won't be a menu.

The Create New Issue window appears.

  1. Enter the Title of the issue (always a required field) and fill out the fields according to your organization's requirements. The fields displayed in this window will vary depending on how your organization configures issues. Fields marked with a red asterisk (*) and a yellow background are required.
  2. Click Save. See Filtering Issues for information about the ad-hoc filter and how it works with new/edited issues.

Editing a Project Log/Issue

You can edit all properties associated with an issue by selecting an existing issue and displaying the Details tab. Make your edits and click Save.

You can also edit properties available in the grid by double-clicking on an issue to invoke the inline editor. Make your edits (click or tab between fields) and click Save.  

Note: When changing a Project Log category, you have to save before you see the new category's fields..