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Filling Out a Skills Profile

A Skills Profile is an optional feature in PPM Pro - you will see a Skills Profile link in your resource record if your company has enabled the feature. 

The Skills Profile lists a set of subject areas/categories, such as Applications, Business Skills, Languages, and so on, defined by your organization. Each subject area will have one or more subcategory. Finally, each subject area/category has a ranking/range from which you can select your knowledge of each item in the category. For example, if the category is Languages, with subcategories .NET, Java, Ruby, the ranking might be No Knowledge, Novice, Proficient, Expert - you can check the value that applies to you. A typical profile will have several categories like the one below:


You can fill out the profile by clicking the Edit button on the top-right of the screen, checking the ranking for the categories that apply, and then clicking Save.

Assigning Secondary Roles

Immediate supervisors can edit the secondary role for their users.

At the very bottom of the Skills Profile page is a section called Secondary Roles. This is where you can assign a secondary/additional roles - you can have as many secondary roles as you'd like. Secondary roles are not required, but provide an additional filter for the Advanced option of the Find Resource dialog used when staffing projects. 

Click the Edit button on the Secondary Roles grid. Check the roles as appropriate - if you don't see a role you need, contact your PPM Pro administrator.