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Entering Time Directly from a Task

For any task that satisfies your organization's timesheet rules, you can enter time directly associated with that task from the Actions > Log Time menu in the task's Details. This invokes the Enter Project Time, where you can enter Hours, HTC, a note, as well as change the Resource Role for which you are entering time. You cannot change the project or tasks from within the dialog - you can cancel it an select another task or project, if necessary.


For information about timesheet rules, see Configuring Timesheet Rules and Settings.

Entering Time from PPM Pro for Mobile

Not at your desk when timesheet submission or approval is due? Use PPM Pro for Mobile! PPM Pro for Mobile provides access to timesheets and tasks, allows users to report project/task or Admin time, and allows timesheet approvers to approve timesheets

Supported devices include Apple and Android phones and tablets using Chrome, Safari, and MS Edge (Chromium based). See general System Requirements for PPM Pro. See Using PPM Pro for Mobile.

Pin Ongoing Work on Timesheets

Avoid hunting for the same project/task each time you start a new timesheet by using "pinning" to pre-populate. See Pre-loading Timesheet Entries (Pinning).

Use Timesheet/Entry Notes to Build Status Reports

"I love writing status reports" said nobody, ever. Ease the pain by using daily entry notes to record details of your day's work; at submit time, consolidate/summarize your notes into a Timesheet note. When it comes time to create your monthly report, use the appropriate report source, such as All Timesheets or All Timesheet Entries, to gather your notes into a status report.