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Assigning a scoring profile to a request category

Users with PPM Pro administrative privileges can assign a scoring profile to a request category. That profile will be used for any requests with that category.

To assign a scoring profile to a request type

For requests, the scoring profile is assigned to the request category, meaning that any requests created with this category will use this scoring profile.

  1. Navigate to Admin/Setup/Requests/Categories.
  2. Edit the category you wish to assign the profile to.
  3. Select the profile from the Scoring Profile droplist.
  4. Click Save.

Changing the profile assigned to a request category

If scoring is unlocked, you can change the profile currently assigned to a request type. However, the scores from the original profile will be removed from the Scoring section. If you decide to reassign a previously-scored profile, those scores will be reinstated in the Scoring section.

To change the scoring profile assigned to a request category, follow the steps above for setting the profile, and simply select a different profile from the Scoring Profile drop-down list.