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PPM Pro Q&As from January 19 2022 Release Webinar

Question Answer
Are the display data as in grids only able to be set by user or can it be applied for all users? The "Display Data As" options within entity grids are only user-settable. If you are interested in having an Admin be able to specify Display Data As for a grid column field, please submit a Support Case so we can gauge customer interest and derive a WSJF (Weighted Shortest Job First) measure for our enhancement queue prioritization.
This is at report level verses data field level? The "Display Data As" options in entity grids replicate what is already available in our new reports (so both report level and UI grid level are supported).
When will list time series be in production? List: Time Series is already in production with new reports. Please check out our Reports Cookbook for examples of List: Time Series reports.
Will the session recording be shared with us? I didn't quite understand the time series change.

I had to step away and missed a large chunk of the presentation.  How soon will the recording be posted?
Yes! The session recording and presentation will be sent out hopefully by early next week, once our video guru has cleaned up the recording.
For PMI specific fields like EV are the background calculations exposed in documentation or when you go to add the field? Yes! We have a Financial Summary PMI Metrics help topic that describes the background calculations. You can also see these in the Description of each PMI Metric standard field from within Admin/Setup/All Entities/Projects/Available Fields.
Are we able to report out of the financial summaries? Yes! In our September 2021 release webinar we demoed reporting on Financial Summary structures at the project level. We also have the demoed reports in our Reports Cookbook. And per what we showed later in the January release webinar, you can now create calculated fields for total budget/forecast/actuals for individual Financial Summary  fields for the project and portfolio levels, which can be reported on or included in details sections (we do not recommend including in grids due to potential performance impacts, even though we demoed that...bad product posse, bad!).
Where are resource customized fields on the PPM Pro roadmap? Will we be able to add them soon? The ability to have user-defined fields (customized fields) for resources is part of the Resource Self-Service Admin (SSA) feature on our Roadmap. It is still pretty far out, no target date yet.
Any news on aligning Quarters with Fiscal Year on Gantt view and reports?  (Our Fiscal Year starts in October, is difficult to hide calendar fiscal year values)... Thanks We have an enhancement that is near the very top of our enhancements queue for customers to be able to set the month their fiscal year/Q1 begins. We're hoping in our next PI Planning with development to have a sprint or two dedicated to enhancements so that this and others will get picked up soon.
Can a Full User edit a calc field if they are part of the Organization group? Yes, membership in the Organization standard group allows access, creation, and editing of calculated fields.
is it best to use the out of box available fields opposed to creating new? Yes, if those standard fields meet your needs, in general it is best to take advantage of them because they often have performance improvements built in.
Very exciting stuff! So glad! :D
What happens to my current field if I already have a project level field called "Total Actuals" when this releases? Nothing, you can have a calculated field, standard field, and user-defined field all with the same Title…but we recommend you differentiate/update the Title for each so as not to confuse your users!
will the new Gantt charts be available at the portfolio level?  more than one project concurrently? In the sense that you can have a Gantt with project date bars that is run for a portfolio/considering a portfolio filter, yes. But if you mean a Portfolio Gantt (portfolio date bars) with Project Phases & Milestones, that won't be possible.
This looks like the Project Grid Gantt.  Is this exportable Being able to print and export the Gantt with Phases and Milestones is one of the capabilities we are looking into (and is why our target date is February/March).
will the Gantt with phases and milestones have an option for original data comparison? The Gantt with Phases and Milestone does not have a data comparison option, but you should be able to put it on a dashboard and publish it ad hoc and/or on a schedule so that you can reference and compare previous dashboard publications.
when will the report and dashboard Legacy move to production and where can I find out what is needed to be done before this occurs?  we are behind here with our admin staff change. It will still be quite some time before we deprecates Legacy reports and dashboards, earliest would likely be early 2023. We will give at least 6 months notice in release notes and release webinars before we deprecate.
Speaking of new reports and dashboards 2.0, how soon will KPI / Audit fields be available?

when will the new odata functionality be available
KPI and Audit reporting is next up once we finish Gantt with Phases and Milestones! We'll be planning for them and our OData revamp with our next internal PI Planning (which is in February). We should have an update for our February 26th Roadmap webinar.